How To Draw a Pig For Kids – Complete Guide

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Drawing with kids can’t be an easy task, as they are picky about what they want to draw and sometimes they get confused too. They rarely know beforehand about the theme they want to follow in their drawing. This, in fact, is a good thing; as it allows there imagination to run wild and create many awesome masterpieces.

For your kids, here is a simple tutorial on how they can draw a pig with a very easy stepwise guide. Follow the steps provided in this article to complete your drawing.

How to Draw a Pig 

Step 1: First of all draw Draw a small circle in the middle and another around it to make an eye3 of the pig, repeat the same for the other one too.

How to Draw a Pig

Step 2: Next for the nose draw an oval and inside it draw two big dots for the nostril of the pig.


To Draw a Pig For Kids

Step 3. Complete the face and make sure it is a cute smiley face.

Step 4: For the pig’s body, draw a big circle around the face, make sure it is a lot bigger than the body, as we all know how big the pigs are.

draw a pig

Step 5. Complete the picture by adding four legs and a swirly rail of the pig.

Ways to Draw cartoon pig

Step 6. You can color the pig with a pink shade, and it would be ready.

Draw A Pig for Kids

Ways to Draw a Pig Face Step By Step

We have learned to draw the pig now, we are going to know how to draw the face of the pig.

  1. For the face of the pig, we will first draw a circle of the desired diameter.
  2. Now we are going to draw ears of the Pig for which erase a small portion of the circle from two places and after that, on these regions you have to draw triangular structures as the ear of a pig.
  3. Next, draw two circles for the eyes of pig and inside these circles, you have to draw two small circles filled with black color.
  4. After this, below eyes draw an oval for the nose of Pig in which draw two dots at the corners of the oval for nostrils.
  5. Finally, draw a curved line below the nose for the mouth of the pig.


Easy Steps To Draw a Pig

Easy Steps To Draw a Pig

Step 1: For the head of pig draw a round shape.

Step 2: Now, you have to add two parallel lines and then the guidelines of the face.

Step 3: After it, you have to draw the nose of a pig which will be curved and then the body.

Step 4: In between the parallel lines which you have drawn previously, create two circles for the eyes of the pig.

Step 5: Next it is the turn of ears so create floppy ears for the pig and fill the eyes with black color balls to complete them.

Step 6: Erase all the guidelines you have created before, and give an outline of the entire facial part.

Method to Draw a Pig Easy for Kids

  1. Draw a rectangle or an oval and mark dotted guidelines.
  2. Next from the oval draw nose of the pig and create a dot for the eye.
  3. Now, draw the legs of the pig as shown in the image.
  4. Then it is the turn of drawing the ears and tail of the pig.
  5. At last shade the pig for making it attractive.

Draw a Pig Head

The head of the pig is similar to the face of the pig. As we have already given you the stepwise guidelines to draw the face of a pig so follow the same pattern for drawing the head of pig starting with a circle.

Steps to Draw a cute Pig

Pigs are really cute when you draw them beautifully, it is very simple to draw a pig in a better way by following the proper guideline. To draw a cute pig first draw a circle, eyes, ears and then body with a tail for a pig. You can simply follow the above steps to draw a cute pig as per your desire.

Here is a video tutorial showing the steps to the famous Peppa Pig that you can watch and learn how to draw!!

How to draw a cartoon Pig

Cartoon pig is also similar to the pig which you have drawn earlier. You need not take more trouble, just add a few extra strokes and make it look cuter. So, just follow the above steps and draw a cartoon Pig as per your requirement.

Hopefully, this tutorial was informative for you, do not forget to comment on what you think about it. We would be happy to hear from you.

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