How To Draw Sky [Complete Guide]

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When you are creating a beautiful scenery, how many times have you made a gorgeous sky? Not clouds, but the sky!! If you look at the work of famous artists, you will find one thing in common, that they never leave the sky blank. They draw winds, clouds, birds, tones of the sky, very carefully. The tone of the sky is very important in any scenery that you want to make.

drawing of a sky

Why is Drawing of Sky so important?

Well, when you draw a beautiful sky in your drawing or painting, you create uniformity to your drawing compositions, Adds a sense of reality to your landscape. Moreover, it creates an atmosphere and set the mood of the scene.

Draw Sky For Beginners

While making scenery with the sky, you need to focus on a few tips ~

# Clouds use perspective, the smaller the clouds, the farthest they will look

# Unless the sky is the center of your art, light wispy or small clouds will work well

The more drama in the drawing, the darker your sky will look. So add loud clouds if you want to create an atmosphere of rain or storm.

Drawing The Sky 

Step 1 >> Start with cross-hatching, in this technique you have to make 2- 3 layers of lines, one horizontal, then two crisscrossed (diagonals)

Draw Sky For Beginners

How to Draw Sky For Beginners


Step 2 >> After that blend the pencil, to create a shade effect.  Avoid touching any surface of the sheet with your finger after you are done shading. If you want, depending on how dark you want your sky to look, you can add more layers.

Draw day sky



Step 3 >> Lift the clouds, make them appear. If you are making day sky, make light clouds, which are small and often white, you can use an eraser to do this work. Or if you are making a drawing of night sky make dark clouds.

 Drawing of Sky


Step 4 >> Add details to your sky, make some darker areas, blend, layer more graphite.

drawing of sky


Here is an example of how you can create a night/evening sky by just adding some layers of graphite and making dark clouds. You can see that the clouds are getting their shine from the sun, which is just behind them and are darker than the sky. The trees have shadows, and the atmosphere, on the whole, is dark.

drawing of a sky

Drawing a sky in your scenery is as important as adding shading to the art. To bind all the components of your landscape, always create an amazing background by making the sky.

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