How to Use Eye Tracking and Head Tracking in Video Games

Eye tracking and head tracking are technologies with a wide range of applications with anything from providing in store predictive retail data analytics to driving monitor systems. In recent times, they’ve both been utilized by the gaming community to enhance gameplay immersion. They’re also being used by live streamers on Twitch and Discord to add …

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How to Get Started With VR


Virtual reality is an exciting technology that promises to change the way we play games, learn, work, and consume other forms of entertainment. Companies like Facebook, Sony, and Google have been investing billions to improve their VR products and encourage us to leap into this new dimension. As with all new technologies, it can be …

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How to Find People Online

Find People Online

There are a number of reasons why you may need to find someone. Perhaps you lost touch with a childhood friend, and you want to see what they’re up to these days. Maybe you just found out about a long-lost relative to whom you’d like to reach out. You could be interested in finding and …

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4 Tips to Start Building an App You Always Wanted

Building an App

We live in a world that’s largely controlled by technology. Millions of people who have access to smartphones and other mobile devices use them to perform different tasks every day. This has generally led to a surge in demand for different types of applications. If you are thinking of building a health app for the …

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Getting Started with iGlobal ELD

iGlobal ELD

iGlobal presents the most innovative tracking, logging, and scanning solutions available today. Every driver on remote assignments knows how it is when they have to go miles out of the route to look for a truck stop to send documents, receipts, invoices, and reports. With the iGlobal ELD devices, you have an industrial-grade mobile ‘office,’ …

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Automile ELD Installation Guide

Automile ELD

Automile offers the cheapest ELD solution that you can use right out of the box. It is the perfect option for low-budget fleets and still offers complete and comprehensive logging functionality with full DOT and FMCSA compliance. Installation is fast and easy with the Automile ELD kit. You can get going in under 20 seconds …

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How to Find the Best Internet Provider in Your Area?

Internet Provider

There is not any secret revelation about how to find the best internet provider in your area. You have to take things in your hands. Otherwise, you will end up signing up for a provider that is far more expensive than you can afford and the service quality will not be up to the mark. …

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How To Connect Smart TV To WiFi – Connecting TV To Internet

How To Connect Smart TV To WiFi

Do you want to connect smart tv to wifi as you have just bought a brand new television for your living room? Would you love to watch some high definition videos on it? Well, you are at the absolutely right place. Before you can access the unlimited videos in HQ on your big-screen, you need to …

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