Understanding Search Intent/Query – Keyword Intent For Beginners

Understanding Search Intent

Planned to start a blog of your own? Have you read carefully about Search Intent and why is it necessary? If not, you must start right now, right here. Search or Keyword Intent is basically how you are selecting what must be put on your blog and whatnot. To be straight forward, by doing the … Read more

15 Ways To Improve Google Search Ranking – SEO Techniques

Let’s be honest, not everyone is an expert on how the Google algorithm works, but what we know is about the  SEO Techniques that will surely help us to rank our pages better on Google. If you want to improve your Search Engine Rankings just like me, you might be at the right place. I … Read more

What is a SERP? Understanding Search Engine Results Page

Understanding Search Engine Results Page

People who are associated with search engines as a consumer or as someone works for them have in one way or another interacted with the SERPs. What Is A SERP? You might ask this to your friend, or Google it, you will get one answer – Search Engine Result Page. As the name suggests, it … Read more