About Us

At How To Wiki, you will always find an interesting take on anything and everything that you are looking for. No matter how difficult it might seem, we tend to make it easy for you. Learn, make, create stuff, and find answers to the questions that you have. You will find so much more than just an article when you visit our site – you will find a rich and vibrant experience.

What’s more? From educational articles to simple technology hacks, from templates for your favorite projects to tips on health and fashion and cooking. You will find everything.

How To Wiki is a Reference website which provides answers to every How-Tos, provides Printables for your DIYs, and helps you in your relationships. If you have a question, you will get the answer. This is a personal blog site that is owned by the author, and it was started with just one goal – to teach anyone in the world how to do anything.

About Us 1

Why should you choose How To Wiki as your personal reference guide?

Why should you choose How to Wiki? Because we put our heart into giving you helpful guides that serve only one purpose – to provide what you are looking for. This site might be owned by the author, but a team is behind the end result you get. The articles that you read, the templates you download, and the guides you follow, all are a work of a team. All the articles are reviewed by the editor. The templates are designed by our designer so that you could get a customized result and not some copy paste images. The guides are written after thorough research so that you get the easiest and most relevant help possible.

We don’t stop here, we are continuously trying to be better, we do better researches, create high-quality templates, and try to find out what more we can provide for our readers.

About Us 2

Our Core Mission?

The core mission of How to Wiki is to empower every person out there to learn to do things they are a novice at. We want to help people learn, and get better at everything. We provide simple guides and helpful templates so that our readers don’t get stuck at what they are doing.

  • We are open to reviews and contributions. Users are free to comment on our guides if they have any question regarding the content or if they want to contribute an idea to the author.
  • We try to improve the quality of our product day-by-day so that we could ensure a positive impact on our readers.