How to Avoid Traffic Tickets and Their Consequences

Fast Driving

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently released a startling study noting the biggest six-month increase in traffic fatalities since this number had started to be tracked back in 1979. The study noted that speeding and traveling without a seat belt remain higher than in pre-pandemic times.  Unsafe driving habits and traffic violations are costly for …

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How to Choose the Right Type of Investment

Investment Plan

With worries of inflation and the rising cost of goods and services that entails, it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking for alternative ways to invest their money. Whether it be to make a little extra money on the side or for wealth preservation, investments seem to be the best way for …

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How To File R&d Tax for Startup Financials


Millions of startups in the United States routinely conduct research and development (R&D) activities. However, there is a large percentage of them that are still not filing for the R&D tax credit. Many of them don’t know if their operations qualify for this tax credit, while others are unfamiliar with the process. By developing a …

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How to Survive a Financial Crisis

Working on Financial Crisis

The prospect of an event damaging your money, such as a job loss, sickness, a vehicle accident — or a pandemic — can be nerve-racking. However, if you’re well-prepared, the danger of something costly and out of your control becomes less frightening. Whether you’re struggling with completing your estate planning checklists or coping with a …

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How To Choose Gluten-Free Food When Traveling

Gulten Free

It can be complicated attempting to find gluten-free food while traveling, whether you’re flying, driving, or just hanging out in your hotel room. A lot of businesses simply do not offer a gluten-free selection or have such a limited selection that you wind up not eating there.  However, that doesn’t mean that you have to …

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How to Teach Python to Middle Schoolers


Enter the exciting realm of programming, more so with Python. Coding is an important craft to learn. It teaches a kid to experiment, and problem-solve, plus gives them the confidence to be creative. Python provides kids with a platform to design something that’s entirely their own. Middle Schoolers master fundamental programming concepts like variable operators, …

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How Students Can Use Technology To Pass Graduate School

Students are Studying

For students that are wishing to leave graduate school with a GPA that can open the doors of opportunity, technology is the tool to help them get it done. The tech that is available today for potential graduates with MBAs or higher is a much better tool than it has been in generations past.  No …

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How to Choose The Best Golf Cart on a Budget

Golf Cart

Cruising around your local golf course in a club cart is the most fun way to play a casual game of golf with your friends. But, often, the hired golf carts are all taken, out of service, or reserved. And what if you want to use a golf cart for non-golf purposes like hunting or …

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