How to Prepare Your Electric Car for a Hassle-Free Road Trip

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“It’s not the destination; it’s the journey.” This was very well said by an American philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson. When setting out on a road trip, it is very important to have a hassle-free journey so that you may reach your destination safely and timely. Nowadays, EVs (electric vehicles) are gaining popularity due to their various benefits over traditional fuel-consuming vehicles. Electric cars outshine this economic race due to their various pivotal features.

These environmentally friendly EVs are also pocket-friendly, as fuel prices nowadays are skyrocketing. You can also visit a trustworthy auto repair shop, such as a Tesla-certified body shop that provides Tesla standards and requirements for the best service, to have a detailed and satisfactory preconditioning of your electric car. But before you start your journey, you must know some important tips for preparing your electric car to perform more efficiently and make your road trip exciting.

This article is all about the tips and tricks to take the EV road trip so that you may have an enjoyable and hassle-free adventurous journey. Let’s have a closer look at them.

1.    Planning the road trip

Before setting out on a road trip in your electric car, it is very essential to plan the whole adventure. It’s quite obvious that, till now, the charging stations are in very small quantities as compared to the gas stations, which are easily available almost at every location. So, it is very necessary to choose a route that has public charging stations to charge up your EV. The routes with the available charging stations can easily be found with the help of different applications and websites. Remember to choose the route offering fast charging stations to save your time.

2.    Charging Preparations

The second most important thing about taking your EV on a road trip is charging-related preparation. Different types of EVs support different types of chargers because of the different charging systems, so choose the charger that is not only compatible but also the one that allows fast charging. For example, unlike other EV manufacturing companies, Tesla has a unique charging system only made for the cars it designs.

3.    Maximizing the Range

Another important factor that must be considered is estimating the efficiency of your battery timing. It has been noted that setting up your EV in moderate mode places a comparatively lesser amount of strain on the battery and increases the range of mileage covered by your EV. Before your departure, it is also important to check whether your EV is fully charged or not. Also, don’t forget to pack the important charging accessories, such as adapters and charging cables, and your home charger as a backup. This preconditioning of your EV ensures a safe and hassle-free adventurous journey. You can take advantage of the services of different EV manufacturers to enhance the efficiency of the battery, which leads to an extended range.

4.    Making Reservations

Making reservations for the charging spots and booking the hotels for your stay in advance is always a wise decision. Always try to reserve accommodations that have charging facilities. It will not only save you from any possible adverse situations but also save you time, making your road trip more smooth and enjoyable. A reserved charging spot at the hotel where you are going to stay will help you complete your EV charging at night so that you can get up early in the morning and continue your fun activities without any delay.

5.    Navigation and Monitoring

The best way to book accommodations with charging spots is by using the GPS navigation system that highlights the hotels near the charging stations or those equipped with charging spots. While enjoying your road trip, you must not forget to monitor the battery range of your electric car and its charging status throughout your journey to avoid any unexpected situations.

Another important factor that must be included in the plan of any traveler is keeping a regular check on the weather updates and any possible road closures in case of any storms, accidents, or other mishaps. This up-to-date knowledge of the weather will help you choose the best route that is safe to travel.

6.    Charging on the Road

Some important things must be kept in mind while charging your electric car on the road to your destination. Firstly, always have a backup charging system with you in case of any unexpected situation. Secondly, as discussed earlier, try to reserve hotels with built-in charging spots and grocery stores.

Usually, the hotels with this facility charge a little bit extra money but don’t worry, it’s worth being somewhat more expensive because you don’t have to wander here and there in search of the charging stations. Don’t forget to include charging accessories like charging cords and adaptors in your luggage to tackle possible adverse situations so that you can enjoy a hassle-free, adventurous journey.

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Electric cars are the vehicles of the modern era, offering some beneficial innovations because they are proven economical options when you are planning a long road trip. But for a smooth and cherished road trip, you must plan and prepare your electric car to make this adventurous journey a golden memory. Planning the road trip, making advance accommodations and charging spot reservations, finding the hotels with the facilities of charging spots, having backup in case of any unexpected situations, preconditioning your car, and staying updated with the weather conditions and road closures are some essential tips or factors that you must include in your checklist. Remember that a well-prepared electric car assures you a hassle-free road trip.