How to Track and Analyze Test Results with Playwright Reporting and Logging: A Step-by-Step Guide

Playwright Reporting and Logging

Playwright is an open-source framework that provides a convenient and comprehensive solution for automating the testing of web applications. Its primary objective is to streamline the testing process by offering a range of features and capabilities. By utilizing Playwright, developers can effortlessly construct test scripts using the JavaScript programming language. These scripts can then be …

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How to Automate Regression Testing with Appium on the Cloud: A Comprehensive Guide

Testing with Appium on the Cloud

Regression testing plays a crucial role in the development of software applications. It ensures that the existing functionality has not been affected by the code changes made in order to update software applications. This signifies the purpose of regression testing, which is to maintain the overall quality of software applications. To attain its purpose, regression …

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How to Optimize Your Selenium Automation Testing Framework: 8 Effective Strategies

Selenium Framework

Selenium automation testing has revolutionized the way software applications are tested, providing developers and QA professionals with a powerful toolset to ensure the quality and reliability of their products. Selenium is an open-source framework that offers a range of features and capabilities for automating web browsers. It allows testers to write scripts in various programming …

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How To Test A Car Battery With And Without Multimeter


The technical question How To Check Car Battery can have a non-technical answer too. Lot’s of car owners do not know how to check their car’s battery, they rely on their mechanics to do the right thing for them for which they pay a lot of money. Sometimes the battery does not even require the …

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