How To Test A Car Battery With And Without Multimeter


The technical question How To Check Car Battery can have a non-technical answer too. Lot’s of car owners do not know how to check their car’s battery, they rely on their mechanics to do the right thing for them for which they pay a lot of money. Sometimes the battery does not even require the …

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How To Sell On Facebook – Beginners Business Guide


All the business owners today know how difficult it is to compete when you are not social media savvy. You need to get your customers via the internet as everyone is going online.  Almost all the youth rely on big brands like Amazon, Facebook, etc. to get to the latest trends and best deals. If …

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How To Convert JPG To PDF | Windows/Android/Online

file extension

My biggest issue while downloading any file that my colleagues send is that they are literally very lazy and just copy-paste stuff on email. Text is fine, but what about reports? In the beginning, I used to ask them to send the PDF files again. But later on, after many unsuccessful attempts of making them …

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