How To Protect Your Smartphone

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The thing about new phones is that they are not getting any smaller, as their screens increase in size with almost every new flagship released to the market. Since 2015, Apple’s biggest screen increased from 5.5 inches (iPhone 6s Plus) to 6.7 inches (iPhone 13 Pro Max). Although our hands may become bigger in the future, it is not happening anytime soon.

Getting a new phone is always exciting. However, keeping it safe becomes more and more difficult due to the increasing size of the screen, which, no matter the material, still is the weakest spot of the phone. The glass often covering the back of the device adds more stress to not shattering the phone.

Of course, the worst would be shattering the phone while getting it out of the box. Just like in all those ‘oh no’ type videos all over the internet.

Therefore, in this guide, you will find a step-by-step guide that will ensure that your phone will stay looking brand new for as long as possible – Just don’t drop it before reading.

Screen Protector

Step 1: Screen Protector

Have you bought, pre-ordered, or decided on the phone you will be getting? Amazing, the new addition to your smartphone collection will soon be in your hands. Now it is time to get yourself a screen protector. No matter how steady your hands are, the screen is the biggest and the most vulnerable part of your phone, and just one wrong touch from the keys in your pocket can cause so much damage. We recommend placing your screen protector while your phone is safe in the box. Once you set it carefully around some soft surfaces, definitely not over hard tiles (this just screams for a disaster). As soon as you apply the screen protector – you can start and enjoy your phone with more ease.

Protective Case

Step 2: Protective Case

Once your screen is safe under its companion, it is time to move on to what remains uncovered. These days the backs of new smartphones often are made of glass. It looks nice, it feels nice, and it shatters nicely too. So in order to avoid this, a protective phone case is a must. It will provide much-needed protection for the uncovered parts.

Get yourself a stylish protective phone case. No need to stick to something basic just to keep your phone safe, as the times of brick phones have already passed. If you get one with raised bezels for the camera and screen, these bezels will add additional bumps, ensuring that no rogue rocks or spots on the surface can damage your phone screen. Especially when your phone falls face down, like a buttered toast, just to make your heart run faster.

Ring Holder

Step 3: Ring Holder/Phone Charms

You may think that the journey of keeping your phone safe is finished as soon as the phone is covered. Well… Not damaging the phone is easiest when you do not drop it, and with the sizes of the phones that we see today, it is not that easy. Just one wrong move, sweaty palms, or a bump on your way, and your phone becomes Cirque du Soleil member. It will surely leave you standing with your mouth wide open, however, for a completely different reason. So, if you do not want to send your phone with their team on tour, the additional grip the ring holders or phone charms provide will help you keep your phone in your hands! No more air tricks and unfortunate landings in your sight!

Smart phone Users

Step 4: Avoid Extreme Conditions

With the previous 3 steps, you ensured that your phone is safe from falls and the damage that comes with that. However, being mindful about where and how you use your phone is also extremely important. Ensuring that the outside of your phone is undamaged is not enough, as the internal components are as much or even more important.

Keep your phone from heat, cold, or water. This means not leaving your phone in your car while the sun is blazing outside or when the weather is so cold. Also, be mindful of the temperature changes. The drastic temperature changes can compromise those delicate microchips in your phone. Therefore, if you leave your phone in the scorching hot, do not place it in a bucket of ice to cool it down. Your phone battery is also susceptible to temperature changes. Hence, if you wish to enjoy not charging the phone 12 times a day… Be mindful.


Your phone will stay looking brand new and work perfectly for a long time only if you keep an eye on it and put some work into caring for it. With only 4 steps, you can ensure that the time your phone makes you happy is more than the first two weeks. Enjoying the slim feel of a new phone is nice, but shattering it just because you did not put a phone case on it, is not exciting. After all, the screen repair prices are much higher than ones for phone cases.