How To Raid On Twitch

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If you are wondering about how to raid on twitch? Here is all you need to know.

Twitch has a new option that allows a streamer to send all of his/her followers to another person’s channel. The kind donation of the generous streamer allowed many more people to benefit from the event. This selfless act assisted charitable streamers in spreading awareness among up-and-coming Twitch stars who might have been having difficulty breaking into the entertainment world. ‘Raiding,’ as defined by Twitch, was one type of this feature.

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Raiding on Twitch, like other Twitch capabilities, is simple to learn. In the article below, we’ll walk you through the basic actions you need to take to begin raiding.

So, let’s get this party started! With that in mind, let’s get right into it!

What do You need To Know About Twitch Raiding?

Twitch raiding is a functionality that Twitch provides so that streamers may broadcast other channels’ material.

When a Twitch streamer has finished their broadcast, they have two possibilities. The first option is to say goodbye to his or her audience and close the stream. The second option is to piggyback on another channel and offer its material — a form of cross-promotion.

This kind of aid is essential for aspiring Twitch streamers to succeed. Like other social media platforms, Twitch is a very difficult place to establish oneself. So, if you’re feeling nice, you might as well try and boost a channel’s following.

This isn’t only a kind gesture, but nine times out of ten, you’ll be raided back by the channel you took from!

How to Raid on Twitch

How to Clip-on Twitch is one of the most popular features that allow users to create a video from their chat. Starting a Twitch raid is as simple as using the chatbox, and you may do it with the mobile or desktop software – it doesn’t have to be through the browser.

1. Type /raid ‘channel name’ into chat

However, when you’re live, all you have to do is type /Raid ‘channel name’ into your chat. Change ‘Channel name’ with the name of the channel you wish to raid.

2. On the Pop-up control box, click Raid Now

After you’ve entered the raid command in chat, a pop-up control box will appear. Select the ‘Raid Now’ option to begin the operation with immediate impact. If you change your mind at this time, you may cancel the raid entirely.

If no option is chosen, the raid will automatically begin after 80 seconds.

That’s all there is to it. You will be hosting (showing) that channel’s material once the raid begins. Any user who visits your channel now will be sent to the raided channel.

How to Set Up Your Twitch Raid Settings

Twitch has a variety of settings for your channel’s raid configuration. This will allow you to control who is and isn’t allowed to raid your channel, who can use the chat during a raid, and how to deal with unethical raiders to name just a few options.

To change the settings for your channel’s raid, go to the chatbox and select the (gear) icon. Change the channel mode to “followers-only chat,” restricting communication to people who subscribe to your stream. This functionality is quite useful, especially if a channel attacks your stream for malicious reasons.

You can also review or block accounts from attacking you. Click the ‘Review Recent Raids’ tab under the tasks area of the settings bar. You have the choice to ban or report previous attackers once you click this button.

You can also restrict Twitch raids to only those you know. This does require a little work, but it’s not difficult:

  1. Select ‘Creator Dashboard’ from the menu under the settings tab.
  2. Press the Preferences button. Choose Channel options from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Raids,’” and make sure the “Only allow raids from friends” checkbox is selected.

This will place a friends-only raid mode on your account, preventing trolling from other channels.

How To Raid On Twitch 1

What Are The Advantages of Raiding?

At its core, Twitch raiding is a mutually beneficial pastime.

Using Your Imagination:

Anyone who watches your stream could reach out to you and voice their displeasure. You may return the favor and approach someone else, which will cause others to retaliate in kind. As you can see, it all began when you contacted someone and initiated a chain reaction of good feelings. It just takes one act of kindness (such as raiding someone else) to turn it into a stream of followers, subscriptions, and donations, which is beneficial for the entire Twitch raid community.

Of course, that does not imply you should go after someone and expect a return. If you want to increase the likelihood of someone reciprocating your efforts, consider raiding a channel that’s similar to yours in size and content. There are several advantages to tackling bigger and smaller streams.

Take A look! 

When you attack live streamers with a greater following, you risk being lost in the shuffle. However, you may be extremely fortunate and strike gold thanks to their followers.

On the other side, if you go after individuals with a smaller audience, they will be grateful. That one raid might mean a lot to those streamers!

That is why live streaming raiding has become a method to level the playing field.

As we all know, even the first stages of establishing your stream may appear difficult. You must consider several factors, including streaming software and lighting. It’s also difficult to break through in a crowd of 9 million-plus distinct streamers each month!

Raids, on the other hand, are a fantastic approach to bringing in new followers, building your network, and helping your existing ones.

Final Thoughts

That’s it, our brief tutorial on how to raid on Twitch: a nifty little tool that enables you to spread the word about up-and-coming streamers who may need your support. If you have any questions regarding how to raid on Twitch, please feel free to leave a remark in the box below and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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