How to Choose a PTZ Camera for Your Church

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Nowadays all religious institutions around the world use these new gadgets either to integrate video production or envisage live streaming for their communities. PTZ camera is an ideal device for services/ sanctuaries streaming because it’s small, functional and what’s very important – remotely controllable. In fact, nowadays live reporting of religious events on Facebook or YouTube is quite a common thing because not all people are able to visit places of gatherings but can join them virtually.

Number of cameras

How many gadgets does your place need? The right number is envisaged by the size and form of the space inside. Other important factors go as follows: the goals of video broadcasting and your budget. 

If the premise is small, buy one or several devices from – don’t waste money on many cameras. In the case of a larger area, you surely need more devices in order to capture the overall room and make close-ups: what’s happening up front is very interesting for people. In fact, it’s possible to show them even more: f. e. close-ups of musicians, visuals of the audience, and multiple views of the pastor or other congregation leaders. 

Logically, the budget also dictates your choice. Consider this factor before determining your possibilities and limits. But even if you fix only one ptz camera for the live streaming church in the center, you may use zoom to show close-ups of the pastor or the choir. 

Camera Connection

Camera connection

There are several ways of connection and they are well-known: they can be HDMI as well as SDI, IP, or USB. What to choose? It depends on several factors and it is better to have a consultation with a professional. First of all, consider your basic streaming/ broadcasting setup, then the distance to your cameras. The best ptz camera for church may operate with a broadcast video switcher. Another option is to plug it directly into streaming appliances. You may also broadcast straight to social media platforms, f. e. Facebook and YouTube nowadays are obviously the most popular streaming services. All you need is to determine what connections are adaptable. 

Camera control

There are a number of market proposals in terms of software solutions. According to the experts, the most popular and proven options are Wirecast, followed by vMix or Livestream Studio, OBS, etc. The first step to making a camera work with cheap Viagra 50mg their assistance is to get a static IP address. This special soft may control the innovative ptz camera for church streaming in multiple ways – with a special plugin, the OBS browser docks, or clickable thumbnails.  Among other software solutions, the vMix envisages the ability to navigate to certain PTZ preset locations. 

The PTZOptics package includes iOS/Android apps which are also very instrumental in controlling video streaming inside the premises. Make sure the main hall of the building has a very useful iPad or Android touch screen. Then a technician can easily operate the PTZ cameras during the service.

Camera Installation

Camera installation

For installation, you may invite a qualified engineer or technical specialist. Another way is to read manuals with detailed information. Keep in mind that for your online audience it’s very important to observe what’s going on from different angles.  Because modern people perceive live streaming or recording of the events as something natural.  Consequently, it’s reasonable to install at least one device in the center of the premise – to zoom into important church figures and choir during the ceremonies.  

Choose the right tripod since the device requires a stable one resistant to heavyweight. In such a way you will minimize shaking and ensure stable operating when it’s rotating. For this very reason, a tripod used by professional photographers for shooting will not go because viewers will be irritated by excessive shakings.  

How Will You Mount the Cameras?

It’s not difficult. Just learn the basics. One of the most proven ways to do this with your HD ptz camera for the church is PTZOptics Wall Mount. The system is available in two colors – white and black.  Choose it appropriately to the walls’ color. Since this is a holy place where people pray and think about eternal things, think over design and inspiring interior, including the same color of cameras and professional hardware for fixing them. In the case of high ceilings, the pole mounting will be the best solution because a PTZ camera can move from the height very safely. 

Camera Operators


Your organization will have a better position with the cutting-edge ptz camera system for the church. Many people from all over the world will find encouragement and help from your services. If you want to learn more about live streams for modern churches and religious institutions, visit professional technical forums and thematic social media groups.