How To Draw A Rose -Step By Step Tutorial

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You might want to learn How To Draw A Rose since flowers are fun to draw and look really pretty when drawn correctly. Roses might look easy to draw, but can be a little tricky for some, especially beginners. But, they are surprisingly easy to draw once you know the trick.

Draw A Rose For Beginners 

Way To Draw A Rose Step By Step For Kids

These steps on How To Draw A Rose For Beginners are really simple to follow and kids too with no experience at drawing can try and get perfect at drawing a simple rose with open petals.

Follow these steps to Draw A Rose Flower Easy.

Things you will require:

  1. HB pencil
  2. A sheet of paper
  3. Eraser
  4. Pencil sharpener
  5. Colors

Tip: Always use a sharpened pencil for best results


  1. Start with a small circle, taking a center of the outline of the circle to draw a shape that will show the bloom of the rose, Continue drawing the little wing-like structures and complete the shape of the rose.Draw A Rose Flower Easy
  2. Draw the stem of the rose and complete the shape
  3. Draw the leaves around the stemDraw A Rose Flower Easy
  4. Color the rose with appropriate colors and your drawing is complete.Draw A Rose Flower Easy

Draw An Open Rose

  1. Start with a triangle and make a spiral around itDraw A Rose
  2. Draw petals around the spiral, you can overlap them and must not worry about them looking symmetricDraw An Open Rose
  3. Once your rose is done, start adding leaves to itDraw An Open Rose

You can be as imaginative as you want to be. There are no rules in art, you can create a bouquet of flowers or a river of them, its purely your choice. You can also add different combinations of colors together, it is no hard and fast rule about coloring your roses only red or pink you can color them black if it is what you want. The most important thing to remember while drawing is that you need to be imaginative and explore more.

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Hopefully, this post was a help to most, and any suggestions or queries are welcomed from all.

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