How To Draw a Cube – Step To Step Guide

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A cube is basically an object with the three dimensions which is further bounded by six squared sides. Each squared side meets each other at the vertex which gives it the full fledge cube shape.  3D Cube drawing has always been a core objective for the art fanatics and there are always the people who are willing to draw the cube.

Drawing the cube can be a tough task if you are a beginner in the field of drawing such objects, but we hail your courage to give this object a trial of drawing and we assure you that you can draw it quite perfectly.

Here in this article, we are going to help you with drawing the 3D cube

How to Draw a Cube Step by Step

Here in this section, we are going to provide you with the step by step guide to drawing the cube. We urge you to follow the guide in the same order to draw the best possible cube in your very first attempt.

Step 1. First of get a neat letter size paper and draw a simple square.

How To Draw a Cube

Step 2. Now draw the other square which should be interesting the first one from the center as has been shown in the image.

How To Draw a Cube Step by Step

Step 3. Now connect all the 4 sides of both the squares with each other.

How To Draw a 3D Cube

Step 4. As you can see the cube has taken its shape and your drawing part is finished here.

Draw a 3D cube

Now you can color the cube with the colors to give this cube a more appealing shape.

There is the other way of creating and coloring the 3D cube by using the Microsoft Paint software, so if you need to draw the cube merely for the college or class project then you can choose this way of drawing.

On the other side if you are an artist, then you better draw it on your own to get better at drawing such objects

How to Draw a 3D Cube

3D cube is basically the other form of art where the objects seem more realistic than the normal traditional way of drawing.
Drawing a cube and the 3D cube there is actually not a much difference between both of them. Both cubes are drawn using the same techniques as we have provided you below.



Here we would suggest you that while drawing the 3D cube you will just need the 3D colors. You will need to need to fill the cube with the 3D colors after drawing the cube, and your 3D cube will get the realistic 3D shape.

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