How to Draw a Soccer Ball & Goal? – Easy Steps To Draw

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Is soccer your favorite sport? Do you want to draw a soccer ball and hang it on your bedroom wall? Great! This drawing tutorial will help you to draw it easily in no time. So let’s play!

Soccer, also referred to as football in many countries, is one of the most popular sports in the world. The game has two teams comprising 11 players competing on the ground to get the ball into the opposing team’s goal. The winning trophy goes to the team that scores more goals. 


You will be fascinated to know that soccer balls emanated from stuffed animal stomachs or bladders. However, while the game developed over the years, the soccer ball was upgraded using rubber and leather. Today, soccer enjoys more than 3 billion followers, earning the tag of the most-watched game worldwide.

Specifications of A Soccer Ball

Soccer balls are undoubtedly fun to play but often unfamiliar draw. Why?

A standard soccer ball weighs nearly one pound with a diameter of 22cm (8.66 inches). In 1962, the ball featured 32 panels. However, nowadays, there are 42- and 24-panel soccer balls. 

In addition, soccer balls differ from one another on the exterior. Some exhibit classic pentagon patterns, whereas others display hexagon patterns that look like a volleyball. 

No matter how unfamiliar it might be to draw a soccer ball based on its features, this drawing tutorial will let you learn the easiest way to draw it. So keep on reading!

Draw A Soccer Ball: A Step-by-Step Guide

draw soccer ball

Here is how you can etch a soccer ball using different drawing and writing tools. Just follow the step and get it done within no time.  

Materials You Need:

  • Black Sharpie Marker 

You can create nice outlines with this permanent marker pen. It comes with a good tip that helps in coloring and won’t bleed if it gets wet. Just keep an added paper below to prevent your table from staining. 

  • Eraser

It’s better to use a large one so that you can have a proper grip on it.

  • Crayons

You can use crayons of a good brand like Crayola. Nevertheless, the 24pack will do the work as it consists of all richer and warmer colors.

Method 1

How to Draw a Soccer Ball & Goal? - Easy Steps To Draw 1

Step 1: Begin by drawing a big circle. Don’t worry about the shape – just draw the circle covering the whole space.

Step 2: Now draw two lines within the big circle – one from top to bottom and another from the left side to the right. These will spot the center of the circle. 

Step 3: Next, draw a hexagon in the center. You will see black areas are made of pentagons while the white ones are made of hexagons. 

Step 4: Sketch three pentagons, touching a side of the first hexagon. 

Step 5: Draw more pentagons and hexagons, maintaining the same pattern. 

Step 6: Now, take a black pastel color and fill up all the pentagons.

Finally, you can make your soccer ball look more convincing by adding some lighting effects to your drawing. And here you go! Your soccer ball is ready.

Method 2

How to Draw a Soccer Ball & Goal? - Easy Steps To Draw 2

Step 1: Start it also by sketching a large circle.

Step 2: Next, draw another circle. But make sure to make it a bit smaller than the first. Here, you will find that one side of the small circle is closer to the bigger one. This will act as a guideline for drawing the soccer panels.

Step 3: Now sketch the first panel and erase the inner guideline as required. Draw a pentagon keeping the lines curved along the ball’s side. However, make sure that the pentagon’s two points touch the guideline.

Step 4: Sketch another pentagon with curved lines following the guideline. You will see a space left in the middle of the first and second pentagons.

Step 5: Sketch the third curved pentagon by the side of the inner guideline. And erase the line as required.

Step 6: Draw the fourth pentagon on the edge of the guideline.

Step 7: Sketch the final curved pentagon along the ball’s edge.

Step 8: It’s time to draw a curved pentagon in the center now. First, however, draw it in a position so that each of its five points faces the other pentagons along the ball’s edge.

Step 9: Now connect every point of the central pentagon to the points of the ones along the edges by drawing a line. This will make the outlines of the hexagonal plates.

Step 10: The sketch of your soccer ball is ready. Please give it some colors to make it look real and appealing. You can even offer bright colors matching your favorite team color.

Method 3

Method 3

Step 1: Draw a big circle

Step 2: Sketch a pentagon at the center of the big circle. However, use inclined lines to draw the pentagon.

Step 3: Next, draw straight lines from each of the five points of the pentagon.

Step 4: Now, draw some more straight lines from each of the five lines that you sketched in the above step.

Step 5: Complete this step by joining the five open edges and giving them a shape.

Step 6: Stretch the short lines to the circle’s edge, and you will complete making all the lines of the ball. 

Step 7: Now, color your soccer ball as you like to see it.

How To Draw a Soccer Goal?

How To Draw a Soccer Goal

Another most significant element in soccer is the goal post. And it can be fun and simple to draw if you know the way.

Step 1: First, you have to make the basic shape of the goal. So draw a rectangle taking up the space.

Step 2: Next, draw two oblique triangles from the sides. 

Step 3: Now join the triangle from its back by drawing straight lines from the goal’s back.

Step 4: Erase the lower front line of the rectangle so that the soccer goal gets a basic shape.

Step 5: Draw the inner lines, known as ‘rims’ in the front.

Step 6: Also, draw inner lines for the back and triangle. Your frame of the goal is complete now.

Step 7: Now, draw many parallel lines on the backplane and the sides. Use the frame’s sides as the guide.

Step 8: Next, another set of parallel lines has to be drawn perpendicular to the first parallel line set. It will form the whole net. 

Step 9: Finally, add color to the ink. 

How to Draw a Soccer Ball on Fire?

A soccer ball giving out the fire looks damn beautiful and attractive. If you also looking forward to getting steps for drawing one then you are at the right place following the below steps.

Steps to Draw a Soccer Ball on Fire

Step 1: At first you need to draw a soccer ball. So make a circle for the ball and then inside this circle draw small rectangles some fulfilled with black color while some will be white. This will complete your soccer ball.

Step 2: After completing the soccer ball next we are going to set fire along the ball.

Step 3: Completing these lines will set the ball with fire, to look over this you can go through the below image which will help you in drawing the perfect structure.

Easy Way to Draw a Soccer Ball

Drawing simple soccer ball and goal posts is easy, and it will get easier when you practice to draw it. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your art kit, and begin drawing.

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