How To Contact Groupon Customer Service

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Using Groupon is super fun, contacting Groupon Customer Support is super easy too. If you are facing any kind of problem while surfing the site, or the app, then you can give them a call on Groupon Customer Service Phone Number, or write an email writing the issue you are having. Do you know that Groupon has a social media account where you can put up your comments and questions with no hassle? Well, check it out!!

Groupon Customer Support

We all know what Groupon provides. But do we know how well it is doing? Groupon is active in 15 countries and has over 500 markets around the world employing over 6000 employees to date. For those who do not know, Groupon is a vast mobile and online marketplace where you can easily discover and save on amazing things to do, see and buy. The platforms if for all the local businesses, travel destinations, consumer products, and live events. You can find everything that the city has to offer.  

The company has its headquarter in Chicago. It is the #1 retail app on both iOS and Android, with over 171 million downloads.

Ways To Contact Groupon Customer Service

If you have any concern regarding your order or ay service, then you can contact the Groupon customer support in several ways, which include direct call, email, an online portal, and social media. If you do not know which one to choose, read along to know about the methods and why you must use them.

Method #1 Direct Call

Groupon Customer Care Number

The most common questions that are put up to the customer care representatives include complaints, a problem with the order, to refund the order, and such. There are other common problem too like –

  1. The Groupon order is not yet processed
  2. How can you cancel or Refund an order
  3. Waiting Time to refund the order
  4. How to change the name of a Groupon account
  5. Can I view my Groupon order? If so, how?

There is only one contact number for Groupon customer support, but you cannot get a live person to respond to your requests. The call will be a recorded response but you will be able to get all the options for any common issue.

Call on 877-788-7858 for customer support for any of your issue.

Method #2 – Email Service

Groupon Customer Service Email

For the customers who would like to write a proper email to the customer support representatives at Groupon, they have provided a designated email address for just them. For any complaint, question, or comment about your service with Groupon, you can write an email on “[email protected]

As reported by the customers of Groupon, the common customer inquiries are about their order, whether it is to cancel one or refund. After that, sometimes some customers have issues with the overcharging on certain orders. For that when they try to call the customer support and cannot get to the agent to directly talk to, they write an email to the company. This works most of the time, as the support email is taken seriously and you get a response almost every time.

Method #3 – Live Chat

Groupon Customer Service Chat

You get the live chat option with Groupon, on the application as well as the website. Fro that you will have to visit the Customer Support Page of Groupon and then log in with the credentials that you use to log in into your Groupon account. Once you do that you will be able to chat directly with a customer support agent, and you can get a solution to any of your problem.


You can go to their social page, that is on twitter to directly chat with the media managers who handle the twitter account of Groupon. Why is Twitter better than using the phone? Well, it is the fastest way to get a response. Generally, the companies response to such tweets with their handles quickly because the platform is public and they have to respond with your solution soon. Even if your problem is not solvable by one of the media managers, you will get your solution as they will forward your issue to someone who can solve it.

Groupon Customer Service Hours

The services are available in the company hours, that is Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST

But, the call option and the FAQs page are always available for users to find answers on.



Whether you want a solution regarding your order, or want t complaint about a service overcharging you. you can always use these methods to ease your annoyance.

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