How To Contact Sprint Customer Service

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If you are a Sprint Cellular service user, chances are you might have a need for Sprint Customer Support. If you have any question about the service, you can either contact them via their website or call on Sprint Customer Service Phone Number. In this post, you will find various ways to contact the Sprint Customer service, and different numbers are also provided for customers who have issues for which they need a quick response.

Sprint Customer Care

There are many of contacting Sprint customer support, like sending them an email, chat with a representative online, and calling on the Toll-Free number. For some general issues or pointing out any problem in the service, you can contact Sprint through social media too.

Why do we need customer support?

> To get help regarding devices and internet

> For any information on orders, bill payments

> To report a complaint about the service provider

> Point out any flaw in the services

Ways To Contact Sprint Customer Service

Let us discuss various ways to contact the Sprint Customer Service ~

Sprint Customer Care

First method that users can use to contact the Sprint representatives is through online mode. You can visit the online contact page to send your query.

Method #1

To visit the contact us page of Sprint –

  1. Visit the official website – Website of Sprint
  2. Go to the Support page, by selecting “Support” on the top panel
  3. When you hover your mouse over the “Support” option, a list will drop down, select your issue and click on it. You will be redirected to the page for getting support on that issue.

You can select from the various option for device support and services like Account and Billing, Device Support, and many more.

Method #2

If you do not want online help, you can call the customer care executives directly on the helpline numbers. Here is a list of numbers that are available for the customer support at Sprint ~

For the US, Puerto Rico and the US, Virgin Islands888-226-7212
Travelling Abroad817-698-4199
Toll Free Canada 1-866-805-9890
Toll Free Caribbean Islands1-866-313-6672
Toll Free France1-866-634-3843
Toll Free Germany0800-180-0951
Toll Free Mexico001-877-294-9003
Toll Free Italy800-787-986
Toll Free Trinidad & Tobago 800-201-7545
Toll Free United Kingdom0808-234-6616
Toll Free For all countries+1-817-698-4199

Sprint Customer Service Chat

Method #3

If you are not comfortable with calling  representative, or you cannot because of some issues like your phone is broken, you can chat with them online, and tell them about their issues. They will provide all the help they can. Remember to keep all you necessary documents handy so that you do not waste time in searching for them.

  1. To chat with the Online Customer Care representatives, you will need to go to the official website of Sprint – Sprint
  2. Sign in with your ID and Password
  3. Click on “Chat”

The chat service is available 24/7 for the customers and they can help you with all the issues you could possibly have.

sprint chat support

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Sprint Customer Care Chat

Sprint Customer Service Email

Method #4

Need to file a complaint? Write an email instead of talking to a representative. You can write a long email mentioning your problems and issues, and pointing out the facts that you don’t like. The email serve as a tool that is effective in asking for what you want.

To send the email, you have to visit the website to fill the email form as there is no direct email address for Sprint.

  1. Go to the email form page – Sprint Support Email
  2. Choose “Email US”
  3. Enter your credential and submit your email.

Method #5

You can visit the community page of the Website to post your query into the forum. There you will find other users too with similar problems and many who can resolve your issues.

Visit the Sprint Community

Method #6

If you don’t want to send an email, or don’t have the facility to send one, You can send a written letter to the Sprint office.

For Postal Mail ~ Include Customer Name, Telephone Number, Sprint Account Number along with your problem or issue and send the letter to the following address

6391 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park KS 66251-4300

Other Methods To Contact Customer Support At Sprint ~

Method #7

Visit the Sprint Page on Facebook and post your query there.

Visit Facebook Page of Sprint and you will see in the middle of the page near the top, a place where you can write something on the page. You can post your question there and one of the Sprint’s media managers will definitely resolve your question. You can even send a personal message on the messenger as well.

Sprint Customer Support

Method #8

Write a Tweet Mentioning Sprint @sprintcare in your text. The Sprint customer service on Twitter is available regularly and you can easily ask any questions there. If you want, you can also send them a personal message on Twitter by going on there Twitter Page and clicking on the “Message” Button. Depending on your problem and the length of the  solution, the media managers will answer your query.

Sprint Customer Care


Sprint is a Telecommunication company in America that provides its users with wireless services and internet services. As it is such a big brand and service provider, it is common for customers to have one or two issues like bill payment, device repairs, and more. That is why the customer service is provided by the company and is the best customer support that one can find.   

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