How To Contact Walmart Customer Service

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Since the beginning, Walmart has been famous for its unique service and seamless experience of customers. Since its beginning, Walmart has expanded to 10 countries, with over 11,300 stores. When you have a business this big, there is a chance that there is a mistake here or there, or customers simply want some help with specific tasks. And for that, Walmart has successfully provided various means to contact Walmart Customer Support to help their customers by all means.

Walmart Customer Service

If you continue reading, you will find the various methods to communicate with the customer care executives at Walmart like the Walmart Customer Service Phone Number, there helpdesk email address, their social media profile, and more.

About Walmart –

Walmart, a retail corporation, operates a chain of markets, departmental stores, grocery stores all over America and countries. The corporation has stores in 27 countries and provides e-commerce services in 10 countries. It is ranked third in the number of employees employed, with over 2.2 million associates around the world. The headquarter of the corp is in Bentonville, Arkansas, and the company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962.

Ways To Contact Walmart Customer Service

There are many reasons that customers might have an urge to call customer service. They may have an issue with their products that have been delivered, there is an issue with the online store, they have an issue with their order, and more.

Here are a few reasons that might be the cause of your call –

  • You may have a problem with your order
  • If your order has not arrived
  • If the cancellation request has failed
  • Damaged or Defective product
  • Incorrect item has been delivered to you
  • If there is an issue with the staff
  • If you want to know about their replacement policy
  • .. and more

Walmart Customer Care Number

Even though there are various methods to contact customer support, still many people like to give them a direct call. The main reason why calling is considered the best method is because you can easily explain your issue, and get a result hands on.

Here are numbers that you can call on to get a service agent fast –

Customer Care Number –  1-800-925-6278

If you want to skip through the automated call log, you can try this – Press 2, then press 1, after that press 3, and then 5, or you can just keep saying “Customer Service” at every step.

For International Customers – 614-534-1996

Technical Support Department – 800-966-6546

Walmart Customer Care

Here are some links that you can use to access the various pages of Walmart Website to get in touch with the customer support agents.

To access the contact page for general queries with  Walmart OnlineContact Us
To contact regarding the support at Walmart StoreWalmart Contact Us
For any issues or problems with your orders Answers
To access the email page of Walmart StoreCorporate Feedback
The FAQs page of WalmartFrequently Asked Questions
If you want to find a Walmart Store near youStore Finder
For any issues with your online orders, servicesWalmart Help Page
Online Walmart Customer Support Help Online Walmart

Walmart Customer Service Email

Walmart has also made it available for the customers to contact the help desk via email. You can utilize this by writing them an email about your issue with the corp or simply to request some information about your transaction with them.

To do this, write them an email and send it to [email protected]

Walmart Customer Service Chat

Unfortunately you can find the live chat option on Walmart Website, but if you have an issue that needs to be solved at the moment, and you do not wish to stay on the call for hours just to ask a simple yes or no question, then what you can do is to visit them on their social media.

The multinational corporations nowadays have high regard for their public image, that is why their media managers will reply to you as soon as they get the message.

You can contact them via –

Facebook – Walmart at Facebook

Twitter – Walmart at Twitter

To learn more about the Corporation, you can visit the YouTube Channel or Instagram Profile

To contact customer service at other companies –

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Whatever may be your query, you can easily contact the agents at the Walmart Customer Service by any means. You can contact them to know about your order status, Tracking, Return your order, or about gift cards. The customer service executives are available for you always.

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