What is KineMaster Mod APK v6 & How To Download It


We all love to capture videos, and why wouldn’t we? These happy memories that we capture daily with our smartphones are proof of our well spent time with our families and friends. Those who like to upload these memories, or any other kind of video for the world to see, love video editing applications like …

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4 Tips to Start Building an App You Always Wanted

Building an App

We live in a world that’s largely controlled by technology. Millions of people who have access to smartphones and other mobile devices use them to perform different tasks every day. This has generally led to a surge in demand for different types of applications. If you are thinking of building a health app for the …

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How To Change Your Gmail Display Name | Gmail Guide

How To Change Your Gmail Display Name

My colleague had this problem today, anyone who got his emails received an email from someone called “Hello”. Yes, I am not kidding. His Google name was somehow changed to “Hello” and he wasn’t able to understand how he should do that. After a look into his settings, he found out How to Change Gmail Name, …

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How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10 [Hp, Dell ]

screen capture

Taking Screenshot On Windows 10 is extremely easy, you can use different methods to take a screenshot on your widow’s device. Screenshots are incredible ways to document what’s on your screen. Whether is a glitch that you want to explain to the tech support, or is just a simple tutorial that you want to use to …

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How To Block Someone On Whatsapp Account – Complete Guide


Is there any unknown or unwanted person bothering you on WhatsApp and you have been fed up of seeing the unwelcomed messages from that person, then don’t worry my friend we are going to help you with that by block Someone on WhatsApp feature.   WhatsApp is the social messaging application which lets the two …

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