How To Take Screenshot On Windows 10 [Hp, Dell ]

screen capture

Taking Screenshot On Windows 10 is extremely easy, you can use different methods to take a screenshot on your widow’s device. Screenshots are incredible ways to document what’s on your screen. Whether is a glitch that you want to explain to the tech support, or is just a simple tutorial that you want to use to …

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How To Block Someone On Whatsapp Account – Complete Guide


Is there any unknown or unwanted person bothering you on WhatsApp and you have been fed up of seeing the unwelcomed messages from that person, then don’t worry my friend we are going to help you with that by block Someone on WhatsApp feature.   WhatsApp is the social messaging application which lets the two …

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The Best Guide On How To Change Name On YouTube Channel

Change Name On YouTube

Be it watching a video, listening to the latest beats, or watching cat videos, everyone likes to hang around YouTube for various purposes. Some maintain their own channel and earn money, some just visit occasionally to look at some How-to guides, and there are some who just go there to play some music. YouTube also …

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How to Find the Best Internet Provider in Your Area?

Internet Provider

There is not any secret revelation about how to find the best internet provider in your area. You have to take things in your hands. Otherwise, you will end up signing up for a provider that is far more expensive than you can afford and the service quality will not be up to the mark. …

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