How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly With Pictures


Every girl faces this problem – One day the eyeliner turns out perfect in just one sweep and on other…. Not so much. If you too have this kind of problem with your daily routine, you must not fear, mastering your eyeliner is a task that anyone can do with a little practice and some …

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How To Look Older As A Teen With Minimal Efforts | Fashion Guide

How to Look Older As A Teen

Some people want to look older and some want to younger than their age, this usually varies from person to person. With the trend of mainstream Social Media like “Musically” and “Instagram” among teenagers, they all want to look a little mature than their actual age just to bag some extra likes. If you are …

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How To Get Pink Lips Naturally – Complete Guide


Every person has desires of having pink lips, it not only improves the appearance but also shows that your lips are healthy. Chapped lips are unsightly, unhealthy and even cause bleeding. Dark pigmented lips are a concern of many, but simple homemade remedies can help you achieve the lips of your dreams, soft and plump.  …

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How To Wear Saree In Different Style


Saree is one of the most traditional outfits of India since the ancient time, and even in the modern scenario, the trend of wearing the saree is still followed by the majority of the women across India. There are many cultures in India and each culture has its own style of wearing the saree. Wearing …

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How To Apply Concealer In Easy Steps


Concealer is that excellence basic that can light up your face, conceal imperfections and limit under-eye circles and discoloration. It additionally will, in general, be one of the principal categories of cosmetics that individuals purchase—yet picking the right shade for your skin can likewise be somewhat stressful. If you are looking for the ways to …

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