8+ Ways To Open A Jar With A Tight Lid

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Let me just start by saying this – Everyone must know How To Open A Jar with “hook or by crook“. Why? If you are asking why you must have never gotten into a situation when you are making spaghetti for the family and everyone is hungry, and you cannot open the damn jar. It is very frustrating to try and try and try to open that jar, getting your hands red, and still having to go to your father and ask him to open it for you.

How To Open A Jar

How about I make it easy for you? I have been in this situation tons of times, so I have asked every relative of mine for their tips to open the jars easily. I have collected a lot of tricks in my pocket, and I will share them with you now.

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How To Open A Jar With A Tight Lid

Method #1

How to open a jar with a spoon

It is a very underrated trick. I have used a spoon to open my jars several times and have succeeded 90% of the time.

How to do it – Wedge the tip of the spoon on the side (underside?) of the lid and try to move it back and forth. It will break the seal and your jar’s cap must open with a pop. If not, repeat this process all around and try to open the cap with your hand.

Method #2

A few bumps at the bottom of the jar might do the trick.

Hold the jar at a 45% angle on your kitchen counter and gently tap the bottom. Continuously move it all around in a circle while tapping. Be careful not to break the jar, we just want to loosen up the seal and not break the jar.

Open A Jar

Method #3

Butter knife

The vacuum sealed jar could open using a few whacks on the cap using a butter knife.

How to do it – Take a butter knife and hold it in one hand. Take the jar in your other hand and gently tap the cap of the jar with the knife from the sides. This should loosen the grip of the seal and you will be able to open the jar with your hands.

Method #4 

Applying extra friction

If you are not able to open the lid of the jar using your bare hands, it might be so because your palms might be sweaty or oily. To overcome this you should use a dish towel or rubber glove to apply some extra traction.

How To Open A Glass Jar

Method #5

Breaking the seal using a bottle opener

We know that if a jar is vacuum sealed, it is necessary to break the seal first to Open A Jar Lid. I have already mentioned the ways to break the seal of the jar. One more thing that you can use is a bottle opener. You can easily use this to open the jar.

Method #6

Smacking the jar with your palm

Do this carefully. With a little force, smack the bottom of the jar using your palm. Don’t use too much force, just enough to create air bubbles in the jar that will loosen up the vacuum. Repeat this two or three times and then try to open the jar.

Method #7 

Use hot water to loosen the jar

The hot water tends to expand the metal. So, when you put the jar in hot water, or run it under hot water, the metal is going to expand and it will come off easily.

Method #8

There are various gadgets that might help

Many online websites have these Jar Opening Tools that promise to work charm when you are facing difficulty while opening a jar. You can try them too if none of the above tricks work.


There are several other ways that our friends, relatives, and neighbors tell us to use when we get stuck on a stuck lid. The thing that matters the most is which method works. So, try these methods and comment which one worked for you.

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