How To Open A Coconut – Step To Step Guide

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Fresh coconut has many advantages for human beings; it is high in antioxidants, contains medium-chain fatty acids, and said to have anti-inflammatory effects. Obviously, all these are just the beginning of the long list of advantages of coconut, so whether you like green coconut or brown one, you must add it to your diet.

Now, getting a peeled coconut is not always possible, maybe because of the lack of available shops nearby which sell already opened coconuts, or the high cost of the same. So, Opening A Coconut at home is a necessity, and also it provides you with the pleasure of getting fresh coconut meat and refreshing coconut water.

How To Open A Coconut At Home

Step #1. After peeling the wool off the coconut, carefully poke a hole on the top of the coconut using a screwdriver or knife. The hole can be made into one of the 3 dots on the top of the coconut, this will be easier to do since the skin is soft at these points.

How To Open A Coconut At Home

Step #2 Remove the coconut water from this hole, and, either drink it or preserve it for future use. This water can be turned into a lemonade too for some tangy taste.

How To Open A Coconut

Step #3 Put the coconut in the oven at 375F for about 15 minutes. This will heat up the coconut and crack the shell. This way you won’t have to use force on the coconut to open it.

How To Open A Coconut

Ways to open a cocont

Step #4 Wrap the coconut in a towel or paper and put it in a plastic bag. After that, you have to give it a nice bashing with a hammer so that all the pieces of the coconut come apart.

Steps to Open A Coconut At Home

Step #5 Now all you have to do is to separate the shell and the meat of the coconut if it is difficult to remove with fingers, you can use a knife. After the shell is removed, if you want you can peel the brown skin of the coconut using a vegetable peeler.

How to open a coconut

To open a coconut

How To Open A Coconut To Drink

As we all know that the coconut water is very nutritious liquid, which is packed with vitamins and minerals. If you bought the coconut for drinking the coconut water only, you must know that the fresh coconuts have more water as compared to the matured ones. This is because as the coconuts mature, the water gets converted into the white coconut flesh. Therefore, for drinking purposes, the young green coconuts must be used.

Here is Best Way To Open A Coconut you can cut open a coconut to drink the water inside it.

Step #1 Always use a heavy knife to cut the coconut as it would be much easier since a bigger and sharper knife will cut through the coconut in one go. Cut a square opening in the middle in order to access the juice inside.

Best Way To Open A Coconut

Step #2 If you want, you can give your coconut a nice shape so that you can put it on the table when you serve it to your guests.

Best Way To Open A Coconut

Step #3 Open the square lid using your knife so that you can access the liquid, and using a straw you can dring it.

How To Open A Coconut To Drink

Step #4 There is a lot of coconut flesh in fresh coconuts too, so if you want to eat the soft and sweet flesh, you can do so using a metal spoon. A metal spoon is recommended as you will have to scrape the flesh from the inner surface of the coconut.

How To Open A Coconut To Drink

How To Crack A Coconut

To crack open a coconut, you need some simple tools. Here is a video guide to show you how you can open a coconut easily.

Steps To Open A Green Coconut

Green coconuts are young coconuts with different phases of development: the most youthful ones have the more meat however the best squeeze. The juice of coconuts with a thicker skin however the meat is as yet delicate and delightful. The more develop green coconuts have meat thicker than a quarter inch which isn’t sufficiently delicate to effortlessly rub off the husk with a spoon.


Coconut Water is a standout amongst the best common drinks now. It doesn’t have any realized symptoms except if someone is inclined to having hypersensitive responses or have extreme nut sensitivities. It is viewed as safe for kids, pregnant, and breastfeeding ladies. In the event that you are taking potassium supplements, it is prescribed to control your potassium levels since Coconut Water is high in potassium.

This was how you can open a coconut, hopefully, you enjoyed the tutorial. do comment telling us what you think. Share with your friend, to share the tricks with them too.

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