How To Tie Shoelaces – Step To Step Guide

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Remember the time when we used to make our parents tie our shoes because we never got the trick to do it right in the first go? Yes, we all remember those days. Obviously, as we grew, many of us learned certain tricks like bunny ears, granny loop and others to tie our shoes perfectly, but some people like me still fail to know How To Tie Perfect Shoelaces and have tripped one too many times while wearing shoes with long laces.

It is really frustrating to be tripping on your own shoelaces and having to tie them again and again. So why not we learn how to tie our shoelaces properly and get relieved from this headache. Here in this tutorial, I will tell you how I tie my shoelaces, and miraculously, they never open unless I untie them, like ever!

Various Shoe Tying Methods

There are many shoe tying methods that every parent importance to knows because they have to try everything so that their kid could learn to get to perfection. Some of the tried and tested methods are ~

# Bunny Ears

# Granny Knot

# Two-loop shoelace knot

# Bow Tie Knot

…. and more

But the perfect way to tie a shoelace is to make two simple knots and tie them securely so that they will lie horizontally on your feet, not vertically or diagonally.

Tie your shoes the right way

Method #1

#1 The lace on the left side is blue one and the one on right is the brown lace.

How To Lace Shoes For Running

#2 Start with a very simple knot, that is not much-complicated, right?

#3 Now you do it this way too

#4 Now you start with the loop on the right side


How To Tie Shoelaces - Steps

#5 Now you have o take the lace with the free end and loop it around the blue one, going behind the right loop.

How To Tie Shoelaces - Step To Step Guide

#6 Now hold both the loops and pull them in opposite directions

#7 Pull the knots until the knots are firmly secured

#8 Ensure that the lengths of the knots are even and that’s it, you are done.

How To Tie Shoelaces

Method #2

#1 Hold the ends of the lace as above

Various Shoe Tying Methods

#2 This knot is left the over right knot

Shoe Tying Methods

#3 Carefully make a tight knot

#4 Make a pretty little loop on the right side

Shoelaces Tying Methods

#5 Now you take the lace’s free end (the brown one) and loop it around the blue one, going through the right loop

Tying your shoes for kids

#6 Take the left loop through the gap and hold both loops and pull them apart

Different Ways To Tie Shoes Knot

#7 Firmly secure your knot

#8 Ensure that the knots sit horizontally and have the same length, and you are done.

How To Lace Shoes Without Tying

Different Ways To Tie Shoes Knot

If you are thinking that why should you care about how you laces look, you must remember that the way you tie your shoes decides how much you add to the security and comfort of your feet. The purpose of a shoelace is to keep your shoes only on feet, not flying off when you try to run. The way you tie your shoes also add to the comfort level of your shoes, so why not get your knot perfect?

How To Bar Lace Shoes

This method of shoe tying is also known as “Lydiard Lacing”, with this you can eliminate the possibility of having any diagonals in your shoes, which looks neater plus you don’t have to worry much about the pressure on your top ridge of the foot.

How To Lace Shoes Without Tying

There are many ways to wear your shoes, one of them which suits everyone’s need is to wear them without tying. No need o worry about the shoelaces getting untied again and again. Pure bliss!! You can either use an internal knot to do so, or you can use the method that is shown in this video.

How To Lace Shoes For Running

For the new runners out there, it is difficult to fit in the new shoes. Whatever you do, even when you bought those expensive, it is always uncomfortable to run in them. Have you tried changing the way you tie them? No? Try the Runners Loop Lacing, it would totally help.

How To Tie Shoelaces For Kids

Here is a kid displaying how you can teach your kids to tie their own shoes easily so that they won’t return home with multiple knots on their shoelaces, or with no laces at all!



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