How To Look Older As A Teen With Minimal Efforts | Fashion Guide

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Some people want to look older and some want to younger than their age, this usually varies from person to person. With the trend of mainstream Social Media like “Musically” and “Instagram” among teenagers, they all want to look a little mature than their actual age just to bag some extra likes. If you are one of those teenagers and want to look a little more like your elder brother/sister, you can follow this guide which will throw some light on How To Look Older As A Teen with very minimal effort.

Looking a little different from how you usually look is a different thing, and changing your whole look is another. Maintaining yourself is the best way to get the desired look that you want. Going to the gym, doing yoga, or going to dance classes can hugely impact on how you look.

For some people, this is a blessing to look younger. But for other people, it’s a huge pain. Plenty of people will tell you that you’ll appreciate it when you get older, but being mistaken for a kid can be frustrating when you want to be taken seriously. By makng a few changes in your usual attire, you can look older than how you normally look.

There are three most common ways that you can spin your look:

  1. Dressing like an older person
  2. Styling yourself
  3. Acting older

Dressing like an older person

How To Look Older With A Baby Face

For girls

Make yourself look taller – You can easily look taller by wearing heels. Adding an inch to your height also gives a mature look to your appearance. Practice walking in heels so that you are able to walk confidently in heels. Teetering and tottering while walking will look like you are inexperienced and therefore childish rather than mature.

Buy sophisticated clothes & wear a classic pattern – Clothing is one of the easiest ways a person can control his or her appearance. Our clothing indicates how mature we are. Not sure how to do that? Buy some magazines or follow a trend that has been going viral.

  • Try to wear dress shirts or blouse rather than T-Shirts or tops, and avoid childish clothes like cartoons characters on them & avoid embellishments.
  • Keep athletic wear for a workout.
  • Stick with classic patterns such as florals, stripes, plaids, and paisleys.
  • Wear bold colors like red, navy blue.

Consider going professional – A professional look will bring out a better and more mature look in you. Make sure that the outfit you choose suits your body shape, is in a soft color, and is well pleated.

  • If you are wearing business suits you will definitely look 5 or 6 years older than your age & focus on adding height and using makeup to make yourself look older.

Look for examples of you’re shooting for – Note the colors and patterns they wear, the fit of their clothes, and the type of shoes they have put on. Check out the whole package. Start looking for similar items to make you look like them

For boys

Wear pants, not denim – to look a little older it’s better to wear good quality, form-fitting pants.

Wear collared shirts, not T-Shirts – wearing a well fitted button-down shirt gives a look of an older, more mature person than a T-shirt – 100% of the time. Wear the shirt of your size neither too loose nor too fit. The sleeves of collared shirts need to come to the wrist when your arms are out straights at your sides.

Do not wear sneakers – Better go for leather shoes with dark color socks. Tennis shoes or sneakers make you look younger, so avoid this and wear leather shoes or sneakers that are meant for adults. Avoid loafers too. Wear plain black or dark blue socks it makes a guy look just a bit more professional and a bit older.

Wear clothes that fit your body properly – baggy clothes and tight-fitting clothes will make you look younger. Wear the right size of clothes & wear clean clothes.

Styling yourself

Get a mature haircut – Some hairstyles can make your face look a lot younger while others give an impression of success and power so choosing your haircut is also a step that makes you look older. So, select the hairstyles to make you look older. And don’t forget to style your hair every day, because perfection is the key.

How To Look Older With Makeup

Go for easy makeup – Go for classic makeup and do not wear a lot of makeup. You should go for a simple routing – apply foundation that matches your skin tone, liner (avoid the wing), and blush (choose a softer shade). Complete the look with a lip color that’s just a shade darker than your natural lip color. Use darker concealer and highlight your forehead

Acting older

Exude confidence – Communicate with confidence and try to become like a person who is confident in their life. Try to imagine how that person would stroll through the room, and attempt to embody that confidence.

Improve your posture – hold your head up high and straighten your back as much as possible. Use body language to communicate maturely.

Be calm and quiet – Be calm and don’t be loud, hyper and peppy. Listen closely to what others say this will demonstrate maturity as well as being a good listener. Be a good conversationalist.

Speak like an adult – Use accurate words and cut the filler words. You should try to use fewer “likes” and try to improve your vocabulary. To do that, read new books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs of famous authors. Improving your vocabulary will help you be a good conversationalist.


When you want to look like an older person, you should remember that by just wearing different clothes, getting better devices, or by hanging out with different crowd will not make you a different person. You have to work on yourself to be the person you want to be.

What is your reason that you wanted to look older?