How To Keep Your Hair Wet Step to Step Guide

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Many of you must have envied the celebrities who rock their wet-hair look and would have thought for techniques to Keep Your Hair Wet for the whole day. Achieving a wet look for our hair serves two purposes, it adds a different style to your look book, and also keeps your hair moisturised and thus shapely. Retaining moisture is your number one ally when it comes to managing your hair, and for that, you must follow various hair grooming regimes to enhance the quality of your hair so that you can rock that wet-hair look whole day.

Keep Your Hair Wet

How To Keep Your Hair Wet

You do not need much when you try the wet hair look, just two products.

  • Hair gel or Mousse
  • Hair Spray

Since water evaporates fairly fast on its own from your hair, you need something that will create a pseudo wet effect, which can be achieved with hair spray and one hair gel or mousse.

Way To Keep Hair Looking Wet For Men

For guys, that perfect wet-hair look serves as a way to manage those hair dramas that most men have, with all the frizz and fluffy hair. The secret is to moisturise, whether you have straight hair, curly hair or wavy hair, retaining moisture ca prove to be a bliss for you. Wet-hair look must be done when your hair is still damp and you are at the hair styling stage.

How To Keep Your Hair Wet

Steps To Keep Curly Hair Looking Wet

Step 1. Finish your shampoo and conditioning process and get out of the shower

Step 2. Lightly dry your hair with the towel until they are damp (water must not be dripping from your hair)

Step 3. Cover your fingers with a layer of hair gel or mousse

Step 4.  Work through your hair so that your looks are coated with hair gel or hair mousse, ensuring that the product is applied from mid hair to the tips, not the roots. You can use a comb to style your hair the way you like.

Step 5. Grap a good quality hair spray and spray the different segments of your scalp according to your hairstyle. Spray from a foot away protecting your eyes.

Tip: You must pick the right hair gel, it must be non-sticky, and must be high-shine hair gel.

 Make Your Hair Look Wet All Day

How To Make Your Hair Look Wet All Day Without Gel

If you are not sure about using a hair gel and want to opt for some other way to keep your hair in that wet-hair look, you can try the leave-in deep conditioning method. This is a damage free way to keep your hair looking naturally wet all day. This will keep making your Wet Hair Look Curly, non-greasy and looking fresh out of the shower.

  1. Spray your hair with water to make it slightly damp.
  2. Apply a good quality deep conditioning protein treatment to your hair and use a comb to spread it evenly through your hair.

Now you can sport this look all day long without thinking to redo them again and again.

Hopefully, you get the style you were looking for and will enjoy the wet-hair look that many celebrities rock. If you like this post, you must share it with your friends so that they could also enjoy the

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