How To Apply Concealer In Easy Steps

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Concealer is that excellence basic that can light up your face, conceal imperfections and limit under-eye circles and discoloration. It additionally will, in general, be one of the principal categories of cosmetics that individuals purchase—yet picking the right shade for your skin can likewise be somewhat stressful. If you are looking for the ways to Apply Concealer, you need to know that the way you apply your concealer is as important as the concealer itself. Even after buying the best and expensive concealers, if the application is wrong then it does more harm to your skin.

How To Apply Concealer In Easy Steps 1

How To Apply Concealer For Beginners

What do you need to do before the main application?

  1. Preparation of the skin – As you know, the eye area has delicate skin, that is why it is important to take care of your under eye skin and even the full face to get the perfect look.
  2. Matching your concealer with your skin tone – The best concealer is the one that hides all the blemishes and marks that you want to hide, if that means mixing more than one concealer, then that is fine.
  3. Getting the perfect concealer – texture wise. We never think about the type of concealer we are buying, we just test the color and think that it is good. The texture of the concealer is as important as the color. To choose the perfect texture for your skin, you must know about the skin type you have, whether it is oily or dry, and choose your concealer likewise.
    Use a liquid concealer for under eye, and dense one for the blemishes and marks.

And what about after the application of the concealer?

After the concealer, you must use a setting powder for the setting part. You can use a translucent powder over the entire face. A light dusting of the powder will do the trick.

Way To Apply Under Eye Concealer

Steps To Apply Concealer For Dark Circles

Every part of the concealer application has a specific way to do it, whether you are trying to make your dark circles disappear or to hide the breakouts. Here is how you can apply concealer 

  1. Cover up the undereye dark circles ~ Order is everything. For the dark undereye circles you must use liquid foundation first, and then apply concealer. Use your fingers to pat the concealer into your skin or blend it using your blenderHow To Apply Concealer In Easy Steps 2 
  2. Conceal redness under and around your nose ~ If your concealer does not stick even after your continuous trials, a setting powder will come to you rescue, use an oil-absorbing setting powder after you apply your concealer.How To Apply Concealer In Easy Steps 3 
  3. Hide the breakouts and pimples ~ The breakouts are the most common cover-up concerns and often the hardest.To get a smooth surface, apply a good quality primer before the concealer.
  4. IF you have any scars, cover them up ~ You must use a creamy and lightweight concealer to cover up the raised scars, and for flat scars you must use a thicker formula.

After you complete the above steps, you can continue to complete your makeup by applying foundation and other beauty products.

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