How to Make a Digital Thank You Card

Digital Thank You Card

More often than not, we find ourselves underestimating the power of a thank you card. One of the pillars of etiquette is to say “thank you” to someone who has done you good. In the old days, people used oral means of expressing gratitude. As of now, most people are moved by thank you notes …

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How To Make Frittata In The Oven Or Pan | Healthy Frittata Recipe

How to Make Frittata

Craving for an egg? There are many ways that eggs can be consumed. You can boil them, fry them, make cakes, and many more. One of these dishes includes Frittatas. These are the yummy version of eggs made with cheese, vegetables, and milk. There are many ways to cook Frittatas, using skillets, oven, and a …

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How To Make Salary Slip Format in PDF, Excel, Word


Salary Payslip, or more commonly known as “Salary stub” is a piece of paper provided to employees as a record of their monthly pay and allowances. This document makes the employees aware of their incomes and deductions. All the employees must receive a pay stub on a monthly basis irrespective of their employment type. This …

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How To Make Envelope With Paper


Envelopes are as important as the message they contain, they tell the audience if the letter or card in the envelope, about the sender and the nature of the content of the envelope. If it is personal, the envelope will have the name of the receiver along with some personal message, but an official envelope …

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How To Make A Free Printable Monthly Budget Template In Pdf & Excel


A Monthly Budget Template that is kept for household or personal expenses is an itemized list which consists of all the information on income and expenses, it helps you to plan your entire funds and keep you on track on your unwanted spending habits. Some take budget in the wrong context and think that it means …

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