How To Make Envelope With Paper

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Envelopes are as important as the message they contain, they tell the audience if the letter or card in the envelope, about the sender and the nature of the content of the envelope. If it is personal, the envelope will have the name of the receiver along with some personal message, but an official envelope will not contain such things and will only contain the postal address. So, for personal letter and cards, you can try Making Your Own Envelope, which would be personalized and will have your personal touch and will remind the receiver of you 

How To Fold An Envelope Out Of Paper

Firstly, gather your supplies to Make Envelope From Paper

You need –

  1. Paper or designer sheet
  2. Glue
  3. A pair of Scissors (optional)
  4. Your card (For size measurement)
  5. Pencil

Method To Make Envelope Step By Step

The how to ~

Step 1. Take a square piece of a paper, and rotate it diagonally. Place the decorative side down. The next step will be to fold the three corners of the paper toward the middle, the corner points must meet at the center of the paper and must slightly overlap in order to make room for gluing them together.

Making Your Own Envelope

Step 2. Gently bend the paper to see how it looks, do not make a proper crease unless you are fully satisfied. You can use a bone folder to make a stiff crease if your paper is little thick

Make Envelope From Paper

Step 3. This step includes gluing the seams together with craft glue. Be careful to not glue the paper from inside, just paste the seams that you folded.

Method To Make Envelope Step By Step

Step 4. Now that your envelope has been created, you can add a liner inside. This will make your envelope look more pretty and make it thicker. This step is totally optional.

Method To Make Envelope Step By Step

Step 5. Pair the envelope with the card and you are done

Different Way To Create An Envelope

Why do you need to create your own envelopes when you can easily buy them at a store?

One simple reason – Personal touches make a thing more precious. When you send a greeting card or a letter to someone, they instantly know that it is from you, and can measure the length of your commitment through the letter and the work you put in making it.

Another reason for giving a letter or card in handmade envelope is that you can make amazing prints and designs on it, instead of using those simple and boring plane ones.

How To Make An Envelope Without Glue

Do not get disappointed if you can not find your glue, here is a way that you can use to Create an Envelope for your card without using glue.

You need –

  1. Your card for measuring
  2. A pretty paper for the envelope
  3. A pretty sticker
  4. A bone folder (optional)

The way ~

Step 1. The sheet of paper that you use must be a bit bigger on all sides, and big enough to cover the whole card, you can measure the card with a scale and take the paper 2.5 times wider than the measurement.

how to fold an envelope out of paper

Step 2. Place your card at the bottom of the sheet of paper, then start folding the sides of paper so that they cover the edges of the card

how to make envelope for money

Step 3. Fold the paper with the card inside it, be careful to follow the steps as shown in the picture

Way to make an envelope for a card

Step 4. Wrap the top two corners, so that they almost reach down to the edge of the bit that you folded in your last step

how to make an envelope without glue

Step 5. Close the envelope by folding the top flap

Different Way to create an envelope

Step 6. When you are happy with the result, put the sticker to hold down the flap, and you are done.

Method to make envelope step by step

How To Make Envelope For Money

If you want to make an envelope for cash gifts, you can learn to make it through this video ~

This way, along with saving money on store-bought envelopes or using an old boring envelope, you create a personalized envelope to go with your beautiful card or letter.

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