How To Make A Playlist On Spotify

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IF you are an iPhone user you know that Spotify is the second most popular music streaming service, in which there are over 30 million tracks, with thousands of new ones being added daily. Spotify gives users to Make A Spotify Playlist for themselves which they can share with their friends and keep public too.

Whether you are a free or premium user os Spotify, you can always take advantage of the streaming service, and enjoy the vast library of songs with friends. You can create the best playlists for every occasion, for every mood, and give others the freedom to modify these playlists.

How To Create A Playlist On Spotify

You can create the playlist on Spotify using your Desktop as well as your mobile phone.

To create the playlist using the Desktop App, you need to have installed the Spotify Desktop version

#1 Navigate to the Menu which you can locate at the top of the screen. Go to the File option and click on New Playlist.

#2 After you had created the playlist, you can add the name of the playlist, eg, you can name it “Workout Mix”. Click create.

How To Create A Playlist On Spotify

#3  Now you will see the name of your playlist appear on the left sidebar of the desktop.

For creating the Spotify Playlist using the Spotify Mobile Application

#1 Open the application on your iPhone and navigate to the playlist section. You can go to the playlist section by going on “Your Library” on the main menu. The main menu can be found at the bottom of the screen.

How To Make A Playlist On Spotify

#2 After you enter the Playlist menu, tap on Edit on the top right corner and tap on the create option.

#3 Enter the name of the playlist in the given field and tap on create. Your new playlist will be visible in the playlist section of the Application.

How To Make A Collaborative Playlist On Spotify

If you want to make your Spotify Playlist Secret or Collaborative you can do so in simple steps

Make your playlist Secret ~

# When the playlist is created, it is public by default. Anyone can have access to the playlist and listen to it. To keep your playlist private or give only a certain people the permission to access or edit the playlist, then you can configure the settings in both the desktop or mobile application.

Make A Spotify Playlist

# In the mobile application, navigate to your library and then to the playlist section. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the playlist tab, and tap on the option that says Make Secret. This will make your playlist private and no one will be able to access it

# From Desktop Application, you have to right-click on your playlist and select Make secret.

Make your playlist Collaborative ~

# For the Desktop Application, all you have to do is to go to your playlist, right click on it and select Make Collaborative Playlist.

# The mobile application has a different way to do so, you first have to go to Your Library and then to your playlist. Tap on the three little dots on the top, and then select Make Collaborative. You can create a List of Collaborative Playlists On Spotify which could be accessed by your friends and could be edited easily.

Method To Make A Spotify Playlist Public

To make your playlist public, all you have to do is to go to the playlist options.

>> Click on the three dots in the top right corner, it will open the playlist settings.

Collaborative Playlist On Spotify

>> Select the option for “Make Public”. Your playlist will be visible to all.

How To Make A Collaborative Playlist

How to Download Music From Spotify

It is super simple to download music from spotify. When you are on a song in your playlist, there will be a down arrow icon just next to the heart where you would add  the song to favorites. Click that and boom it is downloaded.

So why would you want to download music from spotify anyway, well it is simple, people are still in love with custom cassette tapes, and all you have to do is download the song and copy it to your cassette, and boom, you are ready to rock out like it is 1989.

Were you able to make your own playlist on Spotify? Do tell us your experience, and whether you are keeping your playlist public or secret. If it is public, then we would love to hear it.

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