How To Restart iPhone 4,5,6,7,8, X, 6s, 5s – Complete Guide

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Even if the iPhone is considered one of the powerful devices in today’s technology, every now and then you must need To Restart iPhone, to fix problems or just give it a fresh boot.

Remember that Restart and Reset are two different things, Resetting your iPhone can remove your device’s settings and sometimes your data in internal memory too (in case of Factory Reset); and restarting just boots your device into a fresh and clean state, remove cache and closes all the background applications.

Restart iPhone

In this article, you will be learning how to restart your iPhone

How To Restart iPhone

Follow Given Steps to Restart your iPhone 8/ X/ XS/ XR

This technique can be used to solve the basic problems like cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity, crashing of Apps or slowing down of OS. The recent models of Apple iPhone, there are new functions of sleep or wake button on the side panel of the device. The restart process too, have changed due to the introduction of the sleep/wake button

  1. Hold the button dedicated for sleep or wake functions and the volume button on the other side of the device at the same time.
  2. Wait until the Power-off slider screen pops up
  3. To shut down the iPhone, move the slider from left to right

How To Restart iPhone

So this was the method used for the newer versions of the Brand. For the other methods like Restart iPhone 7 plus, continue on reading.

Restart iPhone 8 plus

Steps to Restart your iPhone 7/ 6 and more

Restarting most of the Apple iPhone models is the same as turning the iPhone on and off.

  1. You need to hold down the Sleep/Wake button (usually on top of the iPhone) until the power-off slider screen shows
  2. Leave the button and push the slider from left to right, this will shut down your device.
  3. After the device is successfully shut down, power it on by again pressing the sleep and wake button on the top of the device.

Restart your iPhone 7

just like other smartphones and computers, iPhone also suffers certain setbacks every now and then, mainly due to heavy usage or older version of OS. Restarting it can reset its power cycle, making it boot into a fresh and clean state. This will surely help you in the problems like crash issues, screen blackout, or slowing of the system.

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