What is a SERP? Understanding Search Engine Results Page

Understanding Search Engine Results Page

People who are associated with search engines as a consumer or as someone works for them have in one way or another interacted with the SERPs. What Is A SERP? You might ask this to your friend, or Google it, you will get one answer – Search Engine Result Page. As the name suggests, it … Read more

6 Breakfast Recipes That You Need To Try This Week

breakfast recipes

There are times in our lives where we don’t want to eat the same old cornflakes and milk at breakfast. Most Indian families have their traditional Breakfast Recipes which they follow to make delicious breakfast which could make any kid ask for more. At least I do. Apart from being tasty, these recipes are healthy, … Read more

5 Business Quotation Letters That You Can Steal

There are many cases where you might want to write a really good Business Letter For Quotation for your company to offer for a sale. This letter is generally written in response to an inquiry letter which might have been sent from a particular business or individual inquiring about your brand or property. When you want to … Read more

How To Forgive Someone Who Keeps Hurting You & Benefits Of Forgiveness

It is hard to Forgive Someone when you don’t even know whether they deserve it or not. There are many cases where we find ourselves in the dilemma in which we have to decide whether we should forgive the mistake or save the relationship. When you have been wronged, you want revenge or want to … Read more

How To Change Your Gmail Display Name | Gmail Guide

How To Change Your Gmail Display Name

My colleague had this problem today, anyone who got his emails received an email from someone called “Hello”. Yes, I am not kidding. His Google name was somehow changed to “Hello” and he wasn’t able to understand how he should do that. After a look into his settings, he found out How to Change Gmail Name, … Read more

Steps to Write A Business Introduction Letter Format With Samples

Business introduction Letter

When you want to collaborate with other companies or want to make a deal with a big multinational company, the first step is always making a good first impression, and for that creating a good Business Introduction Letter is a must. This letter is key to your entry in business with the said company, you … Read more

How to Look Older As A Teen With Minimal Efforts | Fashion Guide

How to Look Older As A Teen

Some people want to look older and some want to younger than their age, this usually varies from person to person. With the trend of mainstream Social Media like “Musically” and “Instagram” among teenagers, they all want to look a little mature than their actual age just to bag some extra likes. If you are … Read more