How To Throw A Curveball A Step By Step Guide

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Throwing a curveball is an essential skill for any pitcher. It can be the difference between getting an out and giving up a base hit. In this step-by-step guide, we will teach you how to throw a curveball like a pro!

Step Number One: Grip The Ball Accurately

The first step to throwing a curveball is gripping the ball correctly. You will want to grip the ball with your index and middle fingers across the seams. Make sure that your thumb is on top of the ball.

There are different methods to grip the ball perfectly. But it all boils down to how the ball feels comfortable in your hand. Experiment with different grips and find the one that works best for you.

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Step Number Two: Throw The Ball With A Higher Arc

The second step is throwing the ball with a higher arc. You want to give it more loft when throwing a curveball than when throwing a fastball. This will cause the ball to drop as it gets closer to the plate, making it harder for hitters to hit.

To throw a curveball with more arc, start by cocking your arm back further than you would when throwing a fastball. Then, release the ball at the top of your swing instead of releasing it at the bottom like you would with a fastball.

Step Number Three: Use Your Whole Body

The third step is using your whole body to throw the curveball. When throwing a fastball, you use your arm and shoulder to generate power. But when throwing a curveball, you want to use your entire body.

To do this, start by stepping towards the plate with your lead foot as you release the ball. This will give you more power and help you control the curveball better.

Step Number Four: Master The Spin

The fourth step is mastering the spin of the ball. A well-thrown curveball will have a backspin that will make it drop faster than a fastball. To achieve this spin, you need to apply pressure to the top of the ball with your fingers as you release it.

Step Number Five: Use Your Arm To Throw The Ball

Once you have a good grip on the ball, it’s time to start throwing it. When you throw a curveball, you will use your arm to snap your wrist to create a spin on the ball. Step number two uses your arm power to generate velocity on the pitch.

Step Number Six: Hide Your Grip

The sixth step to throwing a curveball is hiding your grip. This is important because you want the hitter to be guessing how the ball will break. If they can see how you grip the ball, they will hit it better. To hide your grip, hold the ball up against your body with your non-dominant hand. This will help conceal gripping the ball and make it more difficult for the hitter to predict its path.

Step Number Seven: Release The Ball At The Correct Time

The seventh step to throwing a curveball is releasing the ball at the correct time. You want to remove the ball when your arm is fully extended and just before you start turning your wrist over. Releasing the ball too early will cause it to hang in the zone and get hit hard. Removing the ball too late will cause it to spin without much movement, making it an easy pitch to hit.

Step Number Eight: Create a Spin With Your Arms

The next step is to create a spin with the help of your arms. As you release the ball, start turning your wrists over. This will generate the spin needed to make the curveball move. Make sure that you keep your arm extended throughout the entire motion. If you start dropping your elbow, it will cause the ball to lose its movement and become a hittable pitch.

For this, you will have to make sure your arms are strong enough to generate enough spin on the throw. You can try doing a handstand or any other arm exercises to make it strong.

Step Number Nine: Follow Through

The next step is following through with your throw. As you follow through, make sure that you keep your arm fully extended and snap your wrist again to create a second spin on the ball. This will help ensure that the ball travels in the direction you want it to go. Following through properly is essential for throwing a successful curveball!

Make sure to wear quality sneakers and avoid wearing soccer cleats for your pitching purpose. You need to identify the difference between soccer and baseball cleats to remain free from any trouble.

Step Number Ten: Practice

The final step to throwing a curveball is practice. The more you throw the ball, the better you will become at controlling its movement and trajectory. Make sure to practice in different settings (inside, outside, etc.) so that you can adjust your pitch depending on the situation.

How To Throw A Curveball Perfectly? 

how to throw a curveball

Example of a perfect curveball throw 

There are a few things that you can do to get better at throwing a curveball. The first is to practice as often as possible. The more you throw the ball, the better control you will have over its movement. You also need to make sure that you are adjusting your grip and release point depending on the situation.

Another thing that you can do is watch how professional pitchers throw their curveballs. This will give you an idea of generating the correct spin and movement on the ball. You can also try using a pitching machine to help improve your accuracy and control. Lastly, make sure to keep your arm in good shape by doing exercises that strengthen it (such as curls or shoulder presses). A strong arm will help you throw the ball with more velocity and movement. You should also work well on building your stamina by taking care of your diet and maintaining a good healthy diet plan

Throwing a curveball is a great way to surprise hitters and keep them off-balance. You can learn how to throw a curveball by following these steps. Practice makes perfect, so make sure to get out there and start throwing!


So there you have it! The ten steps to throwing a successful curveball. Make sure to practice often and adjust your grip and release point depending on the situation. Remember, the key is to generate spin on the ball by turning your wrists over as you release it. If you follow these steps, you will be able to surprise hitters with this tricky pitch!

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