How to Tell Soccer Cleats from Baseball Cleats

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I have been playing baseball for a long time now. As far as I can remember, it was initially intriguing to differentiate between soccer cleats and baseball cleats. The primary question that comes to any new or semi-professional player’s mind is how to tell soccer cleats from baseball cleats? Can you wear soccer cleats for baseball? What do baseball cleats look like? Are soccer and baseball cleats the same?

Can you wear each of these cleats for the alternate sport?

The answer to this question is “it depends”. If you had the flexibility to purchase one pair of cleats for both sports, the answer would be yes. You can wear soccer cleats for a baseball game (although I personally do not suggest doing so), but you cannot use them the other way around.

This is because baseball cleats consist of sharp pins and are always prone to accidents happening. This is the reason why soccer referees wouldn’t allow players on the pitch with baseball cleats.

What are the significant differences between a soccer cleat and a baseball cleat?

Soccer shoes

There are a couple of differences when it comes to each of these cleats. However, the significant difference is in their pattern. Baseball cleats happen to come with a cleat at the front of the shoe that provides support when running bases. Soccer cleats do not come with that extra cleat at the front since players need to kick the ball around the field.


Soccer Cleats

Baseball Cleats

Material·         Soccer cleats feature nubs made out of rubber or plastic, which allow the players to be safe during contact.

·         Soccer cleats come with a lightweight material that is more pliable to help players feel the ball more.



·         Baseball cleats are metal, while the ones for the youth are made out of rubber or plastic.

·         Baseball cleats are made for more stability & traction than with player safety in mind, henceforth the requirement of thin metal spikes.

·         The material used to make baseball cleats is not pliable

Function·         Soccer cleats are made keeping the concept of low gravity in mind. They eliminate the midsole to ensure that the players are closer to the ground. Subsequently, removing the midsole will make the soccer cleats somewhat lighter than baseball cleats. This ensures that the players have maximum agility and speed when they need to run for 90+ minutes.·         Baseball cleats come with an ankle support design. They are usually made out of a thicker material such as leather that supports pitchers, power hitters, and hard-throwing fielders as they slide, run, etc. The midsole makes the baseball cleats heavier and provides players stability to anchor their lower body appropriately.


Stud shape and pattern·         Soccer cleats come in a variety of stud lengths. Different players remain at different positions during a game, and they would need to adapt to different surfaces likewise.

·         The shape of the soccer cleat is short, round, and blunt.

·         Baseball cleats come with spikes near the toe. The extra spike ensures that the players have maximum control over their foot grip. The cleats around the shoe are all of the same lengths.

·         The spikes of baseball cleats are pointier and longer than the soccer cleats. There is an extra cleat at the shoe toe. This ensures players sprint and changes direction abruptly while running through the bases.

baseball cleats


Whatever you choose to call them cleats, studs, spikes, baseball shoes, or simply playing shoes, it is mandatory to wear the proper ones on the playing field always. And this rule is applicable for all sports, be it baseball, soccer, football, etc. Wearing the right shoes on the playing field gives the players proper traction and stability to make explosive movements on the field. Moreover, the playing field can be slippery due to water on the grass. Wearing appropriate footwear will ensure that the playing doesn’t risk slipping on loose gravel or mud.

You must also ensure that you are getting the best cleats for yourself or your child to ensure that he or she is safe while playing. Purchasing regular sneakers wouldn’t be as efficient as getting a good cleat. These cleats are designed so that no dirt or grass becomes an obstacle during the game. Always ensure that you take good care of your cleats so that they serve you a long time!