How To Contact FedEx Customer Service

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If you are a regular customer of FedEx, then you might have need of FedEx Customer Support at some point. There are many reasons that one may want to contact the customer care agents, it could be related to the delivery of your orders, or for the bad service of delivery people. Whatever your reason might be, if you need to get in contact with the agents, you need some direct contacts. That is why I have provided you with many ways that could be used to contact the customer support including the FedEx Customer Service Phone Number .

FedEx Customer Support

The American Multinational courier delivery service which was initially called Federal Express (FedEx is the syllabic abbreviation for the same) is the eighth-largest private employer in the US according to Wikipedia’s report. The subsidiaries of FedEx are TNT Express, FedEx Office, FedEx Ground and more.

Ways To Contact FedEx Customer Service

There are various ways to contact the customer support at FedEx as mention the Official Website of FedEx. You can

  • Call the customer care agents directly
  • Email them through the online portal
  • Get a solution from a virtual assistant
  • Talk to the media managers on Facebook, Twitter
  • .. and more

FedEx Customer Care Number

The FedEx support claims to look for quality products and services to be delivered on time. The rates too are competitive, and the standards of services are never compromised. The suppliers at FedEx are selected on the basis of their ability to meet its stringent requirements and the capability to serve better.

FedEx Customer Service Phone Number

That is why they promise to be the best at their service. But in any circumstances, if the service is not on par with what you expect, then you can give a call to the customer support on the following numbers.

FedEx Customer Service Number USA

Customer Service Number 800-463-3339

For general inquiries – 1-901-369-3600

For USA complaints 1-800-463-3339

US International Customer Service 1-800-247-4747

If you are from any other country, then you can visit the Customer Support Page to get hold of contact numbers and email address according to your area.


FedEx Customer Service Email

For major reports or actionable demands, you can write them an email addressing the situation. If you see it fit to write a long email, you can do so. Do not forget to include your name, and the delivery number (If it is regarding the delivery) to help them get your solution as soon as possible.

You can visit the e-support page to write them the email – Visit


If you don’t want to send an electronic mail, then you can simply write them a letter to their headquarter on the following address –

FedEx Customer Relations

3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634

Memphis, TN 38116


FedEx Corporation

942 South Shady Grove Road

Memphis, TN 38120


FedEx Customer Care

For other inquiries and user questions, you can visit the links provided below to find what can suit you best.

Support On EmailVisit
For Tracking Your OrderVisit
Virtual Assistant ChatVisit
Help Center For USAVisit

Why users often contact the customer support at FedEx? There are many reasons, the most common ones could be found on the FAQs Page of the company’s website.

Some of these are –

  • Question or comment regarding a package, envelope, or shipment
  • Regarding Office and Print Services
  • If you want to ask for Expedited or Extra Care in handling shipment

Here are customer service helpline for other companies too

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Contact FedEx Customer Support

If you do not find what you wanted the solution for, do write to us, we would be happy to provide you with the solution regarding the topic.

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  1. I have been contacted by a supposed Williams Taylor from cellphone number 1-917-283-3874 stating he is the special Fedex delivery courier in charge of my winnings from Facebook and stating it will cost me $400.00 to deliver $500,000.00. I figured you needed to know about this fraud.

  2. Fed ex Acct# 1241-3380-7

    I have problem Fed Ex Ground is a problem.
    when I track on line it shows they left door tags which they did not.
    Is there anyway you can have our records marked Receiving is open at 7:15 AM and close at 3:15 PM
    daily Monday thru Friday We are closed Saturday and Sunday.

    Please acknowledge receipt of this email

    Thank you

    Catherinemary Shalna

  3. This company is a joke. There’s no way to reach a representative. Either the number is to an automated answering service or the number is continuously busy. Suggest using a different service for your packages.

  4. Customer Service is the worst I have ever experienced. At least UPS tells you to get lost. Fed Ex hides behind a Robo system both for phone and chat. It tells you NOTHING. It spews out the “scheduled date” even if the package has not been delivered on that date. It actually hangs up on you! This is even after a retail consumer spends twice what a corporate customer pays. They are currently claiming faster delivery to residents. Not true! Post office beats them by a mile for a substantially less charge. UPS even beats them for my stuff this week. It took 2.5 days to go 30 miles for a cross country package. Then the package disappeared. But, Robo kept saying it was going to be delivered 6 days later–no evidence it was even in the region. Was not out for delivery as Robo insisted before hanging up on me. Chat is a useless robo circle of jibberish.

  5. I thought that I was supposed to get a package on December 7, 2020 according to a text message that I did receive before my phone went dead on me. Where is my Package? I don’t have the Tracking ID neither the door tag number. I have been trying so hard to search of where my package is. No one hasn’t been helping me. I truly need help now. I do not want to miss out that package. Can the driver to deliver the package to my home address again if I did somehow miss it today? I am not able to pick it up as I do not have a car at all. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I will like to get this resolved soon.
    Thank you!!!!

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