How To Contact Lyft Customer Service

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We all love our rides with Lyft, but when the need comes, we have to find a quick way to contact Lyft Customer Support. The main reason that most of the customers need to contact the service due to the payment issues. Sometimes the application of Lyft doesn’t work properly, or the payment does not get paid easily. For every issue that you might have, there is a way with which you can contact the services, including the  Lyft Customer Service Phone Number, support via Lyft app, and more.

Lyft customer service

Ways To Contact Lyft Customer Service

We know that all our Lyft rides are brilliant, they go by without a problem. But even though we do not plan it, something could go wrong with our ride and the Lyft customer support might seem like our last resort. There could be many reasons –

  • You might have left something in the car
  • Your payment might not be going through
  • You might have been charged with an unexpected fee
  • You and your Lyft driver might have gotten in a dispute

But do not worry, because we have gathered different ways to contact with the Lyft customer support.

Lyft Customer Care Number

The Lyft Number that is made available online is 855-865-9553, but as the Lyft customer support states, you can’t call the Lyft customer service, but there are ways to get Lyft to call you. You can send a service request to and get the Lyft customer service agents to call you back.

If you are using your Lyft Android or iOS application, then you can find the “call me” option, that allows you to leave a callback number.

This goes the same for the Lyft drivers. If you are a Lyft driver, and you have an issue, then you can do the same, search for “call me” option on the application.

Here is how you can do this: For immediate help, open your Lyft application, and then go to ‘Earnings’ tab and select the ride (for a specific ride)


  • To access quick FAQs, tap on “Get help”
  • For someone to call you back, tap on “Call Me” or the “Help Center” Link


After you select the option for a callback, you will be connected to a team member at Lyft support in 2 minutes or less.

The most reliable way to get help from Lyft support is by visiting their Help Page where you will find various articles from which you can find your answer, and the “Call Me” button is available there. After you leave a contact number and use the callback feature, a customer service agent will call you back.

Why you must use that feature? The callback feature is made available on the app only for accidents or safety incidents.

Lyft Customer Care

If you want to get a refund on your ride, then you must specify the reason hwy you think that you need that refund.

  • Tap on the Menu icon on the Home screen of hte application
  • Go to the Ride History option
  • When you see the ride that you want to get a refund on, tap on it
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Get Help” button
  • You will get a form, fill it up. Write why the price was unfair or incorrect.
  • After you submit the form, Lyft will reply via email to you.

A full refund is only provided when something happened on the ride that was not your fault, but is your driver’s fault or the car breaks down, which means that you were not able to get a complete service. If your route was inefficient, or you just didn’t like your driver, then don’t expect to get a full refund at all.

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