How To Contact Expedia Customer Service

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To resolve your issues regarding your bookings with Expedia, there are various Expedia Customer Support contacts that you can use. Whatever your query might be, if you have to contact the service, you can call them on Expedia Customer Expedia Phone Number, email them, visit the online portal or contact them via social media.


Ways To Contact Expedia Customer Service

The various methods include,

  1. Contacting via call
  2. Sending an email to the representatives
  3. Helpdesk through the online portal
  4. Social Media accounts

Why do customers usually call the Expedia Customer Service Number?

The answer is simple. As we all know that the Expedia Group is the world’s travel platform. It is one of the most trusted online travel brands. As this platform provides many services and has many travel partners, there are some times when the customers need help here and there regarding there trips. Some of the reasons to call the customer service at Expedia include –

  • Changing the hotel bookings
  • To look for the booking confirmation
  • If they want to cancel their bookings
  • To cancel the flights

Expedia Customer Service Email

The best way to contact the Expedia Support for unresolved, non-urgent issues, is to send an email. You can do so via the Email contact option on the Service Page of Expedia’s website.


When you land on the page, all you have to do is to choose the Email contact option and just follow the instruction given there. When you submit the issue with them, they will respond to you after reviewing it, within 72 hours.

To get the best response for your problem, you must follow the instructions carefully, and include the following in the email –

  • The itinerary number
  • The date of the last complaint (if you did)
  • Booking type, flight or hotel

Expedia Customer Care Number

For very urgent issues, like canceling a booking, you must only call the customer service agent to be able to request the cancellation as soon as possible to avoid the compensatory fee.

Here is the most common customer service number provided – 800-319-4834

For international calls, the international customer number is – 404-728-8787

Expedia Customer Service Hours

The Service is available for all 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you have a very urgent matter then you can call them around 3:15 PM, it is said to be the best time to contact the customer support.

Expedia Customer Care

If you visit Expedia’s Official Website, you will find many common queries that are asked commonly by customers of Expedia. If you do not wish to call the Expedia customer service agents because you think that your issue is not that urgent, then you can visit the Online Support Page. Here you will find many articles for your issues, and answers to your problems.


For all the issues and problems, Expedia has all the answers on their FAQs page. For your queries, you can log in to the Expedia account on your browser or use the application on your Android or iOS.

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  1. I am canceling this flight for health reasons. I had a surgery scheduled for April 1, however, due to the Coronavirus, the doctor has suspended all surgeries ( except life and death) for the month of April and maybe longer. The doctor also advised me ( by email) the state of California had some type of isolation in place. My doctor said do not fly to the US at this time. I am 77 years old and the doctor wants me to self-isolate myself. I took out the flight protection plan just in case of problems such as this. I will rebook in a month or so. I don’t think I should be charged a rebooking fee of $ 68.10. That does not seem fair or legal.

    Thank you
    Robert Martin
    Itinerary # 71008986761157
    [email protected]

  2. I can’t find the email option!!
    Anyone know where it get to it? The phone me are always busy so that is not an option

  3. I made a reservation Feb. 9 2020, 7519975075836 you charged my Discover card for $189.55 I cancelled March 23
    7519971678185 I have not received a credit on my Discover card

  4. my name is marlyn molinos. i made and cancelled a booking at best western hotel bolton london ( fr. may 27 – june 1, 2020) thru but the hotel still charged my credit card $205.27 because of expedia’s reference # 1355865341 . i was surprised about this as i made the booking and cancellation thru, but according to bolton hotel, they did contact expedia and expedia did confirm reference #1355865341 , which bolton hotel made as the basis for the charge. please contact bolton hotel to correct this error so that the charge can be reversed. i have spent a lot of time and effort but to no avail because of the bolton hotel’s insistence of expedia’s reference # 1355865341, so please contact bolton hotel for a resolution of this issue.

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