How To Write A Business Development Cover Letter With Samples

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While cultivating partnerships or commercial relationships, a business development cover letter is a highlight of your introduction to the company. For pursuing any company or brand for opportunities a good portfolio or resume of your education and skills is required. By including a cover letter to that, you get the opportunity to point out certain skillset that might get overlooked in your resume.

What is Business Development?

The act of pursuing a company or organization by maintaining a partnership or any other form of commercial relationship is called business development. In this process, you are helping them find new markets for their products and services.

Business Development Executive Cover Letter

What a cover letter for business development includes?

When you write a Cover Letter For Business Development Officer, it must be straight-forward but also must stand out. The cover letter must be clear while introducing you to the company. It must share your skill set that usually gets overlooked in the resume. Any cliche must be avoided from the cover letter to make sure that it stands out.

The cover letter must be kept short and specific to your proposal only. It must be short enough to be eye-catchy, and long enough to include enough information to tempt readers to continue with your profile.

To write a cover letter for a specific industry, you must include the skill sets that are necessary for that industry. Here are some templates for the business development cover letters that might help you out.

Business Development Letter Sample

You can use the Business Development Cover Letter Examples that are provided in this article or you can tailor your own cover letter for the specific industry. Make sure your cover letters are industry-specific and outline your qualifications according to the company. You might want to include your skills like adaptability, positivity, communication, and reliability. When you highlight these sort of skills, you get more opportunities to expand your skills to match their needs.

Business Development Letter

PDF Available

A top quality cover letter is as important as your proposal for the business development opportunity. It also makes your case strong as an ideal candidate. It makes a positive first impression, shows how you are fit for the role, and showcases your qualifications in a readable format.  Take a look at these samples to get an idea of how these cover letters work.

Business Development Letter Sample

PDF Available

The opening paragraph of the cover letter must set the tone of your letter. If must quickly point out why you are an ideal candidate, and that you are interested in their industry. Adding a fact or two about their company might help you show them that you are interested in their company. Express your appreciation and close the letter inviting the reader to view your resume.

Business Development Letter Example

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The templates and samples that are provided here may include some common strengths and skillsets. But, you must make sure you highlight your particular skills instead of being common. Be creative, strategies beforehand, and present everything briefly.

Sample Business Development Letter

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Read the template samples provided here to get a clear knowledge of how the cover letters are build from scratch. Or, you can just download the given samples and make them on your own by editing in your details.

Business Development Letter

PDF Available

The letters are provided in business development cover letter pdf format too to make it easier for users to download and edit them in your device.


The cover letters are as important as any other part of your resume. If a company hasn’t mentioned a cover letter in their requirement, that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate a good business development cover letter along with your proposal.

How do you propose your ideas to any company? Let’s hear it in comments.