How To Use Fork And Knife – Complete Guide With Pictures

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Are you going to visit a high-end restaurant? Or have a meeting with the Royals? Whatever the reason, or for no reason at all, everyone must know how to eat Use Fork and Knife. Now, no more cringing with fear after receiving a formal dinner party invitation, just use all the tools like a pro and be confident at that elegant party!!

Use Fork and Knife

How To Place Knife And Fork After Eating

The first step at knowing what to do with your knives and forks if to know where to put them after you finish your food. Both of them go either straight up and down in the center of the plate with their handles resting on the rim of the plate

to place knife and fork after eating


placed between 10 and 4 o’clock.

Place Knife And Fork After Eating

Which Hand To Hold Fork And Knife

There are two methods of using your cutlery, American style, and European style. You may use either one of them according to the party.

American Style ~ Knife is always in the right and the fork in the left hand while cutting the food. After cutting a few bite sized pieces, place the knife on the edge of the plate and change the hand for the fork. Eat with your right hand.

European Style ~ For eating any kind of food, in the European syle, the knife stays in right hand and fork in left hand. Eat the food with the Fork in the left hand only, with the progs curving downward.

Which Hand To Hold Fork And Knife

How To Use Fork And Knife — European Style

When you sit on your seat, to the right of your plate is your knife, and to the left is the knife. If you see more than one fork, you must use the outermost for your salad, and the innermost for the main dish.

The right way to use the Fork and the Knife is to pick up and hold your knife in your right hand. Your index finger must be almost straight on the base of the knife and the four fingers wrapped around the handle. This is the same in both styles.

Hold your fork in your left hand, the prongs face away (downwards) from you. The index finger of the left hand is straight, resting on the back side of the head of the fork. The other four fingers wrap around the fork’s handle.

Hold the food down with the fork by using pressure by your index finger. To cut the food, put the fork as closer to the fork as possible and cut with a sawing motion. Food which is to be eaten directly, like pasta or noodles, use your fork to eat them.

How to use fork and knife

How To Use Fork And Knife — American Style

In American style, the only thing different from the European one is that they cut their food with the fork in left hand, but eat by changing the hand for the fork and eat with right hand.

The prongs of the fork must always keep facing downwards. The hand position is as same as with the European style.

While cutting your food, keep the fork in left hand, hold down the food with the fork, cut with the knife in sawing motion (make 4 to 5 bite-sized pieces of the food at one time, place the knife on the edge of the plate and switch the hands, then simply eat your food with right hand.

Pro Tips ~

Tip #1 When you are at a formal dinner, use the utensils as tools, each one has its own purpose and you must know which thing is used to do what.

Tip #2 At some informal gatherings, you do not need to stress on eating the chicken or pork chops with a fork, it is okay to eat with your hands.

What we refer to different styles as ~

The European style of dining is called “hidden handle” because the handles are tucked into your palm between your fingers.

The American Style is called the “Zig-Zag method” where you use the fork as a fork as well as a spoon to sometimes scoop the food.

The European style is also referred to as “hidden handle” because the knife and fork are held in such a way that the handles are tucked into the palm and held by the thumb and forefinger.

The American style is also referred to as the “zig-zag method” where the fork is held like a spoon and indeed sometimes used like a spoon to scoop rather than spear food.

Here is a video that you can refer to if you want to perfect your style!!

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