How to Write A Check For 1200 Dollars? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

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Do you have to pay Mr. Mark Anthony a sum of $1200.00 for house rent? Are you a bit anxious about writing the check? It is possible that you don’t know the proper order of writing one thousand two hundred dollars on a check. 

No worries! In a few lines below, you will see a step-by-step guide on how to write a check for 1200 dollars, including the safety tips to take care of and the terms. 

So, without further delay, let’s acknowledge the proper order and prevent ourselves from getting into unnecessary trouble while writing the check.

How to Write a Check for 1200 Dollars?

How to Write a Check for 1200 Dollars?

A perfect 1200 dollar check has the following fields to fill up in proper order: 

Step 1: Date

In the top right-hand corner, there is the ‘Date’ field. Write down today’s date or the earliest date you wish to cash the check. However, follow this format of the date –

Write in the long-form, like “April 16, 2022.”

Or, write in the format MM/DD/YYYY, like “04/16/2022”

Step 2: Pay To The Order Of

Here you have to write the payee or recipient’s name in full. It can be the name of a company or an individual (first name followed by the last name). 

However, make sure that you have correctly spelled the payee’s full name. There should be no spelling mistakes.

Step 3: Dollar sign ‘$’ Box 

You will see a box next to the ‘$’ sign on the right-hand side, just next to ‘Pay To The Order Of.’ Write the amount in numeric form ‘1200.00’ in that box. 

Keep note: You must include the decimal part ‘.00’ between the dollars and the cent. 

Step 4: Dollar Amount in Words

Write the amount in words in the given dollar line, “One thousand two hundred and 00/100”. After that, draw a line horizontally to the end. 

Step 5: FOR

This field is in the lower left-hand corner of the check. Put the reason or purpose for the check, e.g., the contract number and the invoice. 

Step 6: Signature

Finally, you have to put your signature on the line at the right corner at the bottom. This will authorize your transaction.

What Should You Do After Writing the Check?

Keep a payment record after you complete writing the check following the proper order mentioned above. If you record the payment, you can avoid spending the money twice. After you cash or deposit the check, your account will show the amount as available. However, it can take some time to show the fund. 

Thus, it is recommended that you keep this payment note instantly.

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What do You Need to Keep In Mind Before Writing A Check?

What do You Need to Keep In Mind Before Writing A Check?

Before you write the 1200 dollars check, just wait and think about whether it is something you are confident about doing. The fact is –

Writing a check can be pretty cumbersome. Moreover, there is another fastest way to transfer or get the money that might be easier and more convenient for you. For example –

You can pay your bills on rent online. There is no need to write the check or pay for postage.

You can use a debit card to make a payment. You can electronically pay off the amount in the account. The best part is that there will be a transaction record, including the payee name, the amount, and your payment.

Moreover, creating an automatic payment system for regular payments such as insurance premiums and utility bills is possible. It won’t charge you for this and will make your life easier. 

Nonetheless, whatever payment method you choose, you have to ensure that your checking account has sufficient funds. Otherwise, the payments or checks may bounce, including hefty charges and often legal issues. 

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Quick Facts to Note

If someone writes ‘Cash’ in the field’ PAY TO THE ORDER OF,’ then the check can be presented by anyone for the payment.

You can put the fraction form ‘One thousand two hundred and no/100’ rather than ‘One thousand two hundred and 00/100’. Also, you can write ‘One thousand two hundred and xx/100’.

In a 1200dollar check in the United States of America, you can also add ‘even’ or ‘only’ in this way – ‘One thousand two hundred only dollars.’

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The Way to Write A 1200 Dollars Check with Cents

When writing a check of 1200 dollars with cents, you have to put the number of cents as a fraction above one hundred. 

  • Example 1: How to write a check for $1200.20?

Put ‘1200.20’ in the ‘$’ sign box.

Write in words in the dollar word line ‘One thousand two hundred and 20/100.’

  • Example 2: How to write 1200.35 dollars check?

In the dollar sign field, write ‘1200.35.’

Write the amount in words ‘One thousand two hundred and 35/100.’

  • Example 3: How to write $1200.60 in a check?

Put ‘One thousand two hundred and 60/100’ in the word line and ‘1200.60’ in numeric next to it in the dollar symbol field.

  • Example 4: How to write $1200.99 on a check?

The dollar word line will have the amount in words ‘One thousand two hundred and 99/100.’

The ‘$’ sign box will have the amount in numeric like ‘1200.99’.

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Some Safety Tips to Follow When Writing 1200 Dollars Check

Some Safety Tips to Follow When Writing 1200 Dollars Check
  • When writing the amount in words, the payee’s name, and your signature in full, make sure the spellings are correct.
  • The amount of money written in numeric should match the words
  • Avoid keeping extra spaces between the words to prevent the check from fraud
  • The signature you put here should be the one you gave to the bank
  • Do not fold, mark, pin, or write the check’s code band
  • Ensure to keep all the issued details of the check. The details might be necessary later. 

What else?

Once the check leaves your hand, there are various opportunities where it can get lost or stolen. In addition, thieves can easily alter the stolen or lost checks. Thus, it would help if you opted for various ways to prevent thieves from creating a headache for you. 

You may or may not retrieve the money. But investing time and effort in clearing this mess is a headache. 

So how can you minimize the chances of fraud? Follow the things mentioned below –

  • Don’t sign blank checks.
  • You should never put your signature on a check unless you write the payee’s name and the payable amount. 
  • Don’t leave any space for scammers to add.
  • Make sure that you leave no space when writing the dollar amount so that scammers can add to it. 

How can you avoid it?

Begin writing from the far left edge of the space, drawing a line after putting the last digit. For example –

Let’s suppose the amount is $9.52. First, write the number “9” to the left as far as possible. Then, take your pen to the number “2” and draw a line to the end of the space. 

Alternatively, you can write the numbers large enough that it becomes hard for scammers to put any number. If there is any space before or after the sum amount, fraudsters can put digits ending up with the sum being $89.52 or $9.529.

  • Get carbon copies

You can apply for checkbooks with carbon copies to have a paper record of each check you give or write. There will be a thin sheet in these checkbooks that has a copy of all checks you write. This will allow you to quickly determine what was written on each check and to whom you paid the money.

  • Keep your signature consistent

It is important to have a legible signature. Using the same signature consistently will make it easier for your bank to identify a scam. 

You can even prove easily that you aren’t liable for any charges in case the signature on a check does not match.


Q1. How can you write a check of 1200 dollars to yourself?

It’s easy to write a check for $1200. Follow the steps below:
Step 1: Put the date in the ‘DATE’ field in the right-hand corner. 
Step 2: Next to the ‘PAY TO THE ORDER OF,’ write your original name in full or put down the ‘Cash’ word to cash the check.
Step 3: Note’ 1200.00’ beside the ‘$’ symbol
Step 4: Put down in words ‘One thousand two hundred and 00/100’
Step 5: Put your signature in the signature line at the bottom.

Q2. How can you write a check for $1200 with zero cents?

Step 1: Put down the amount in words in the word line ‘One thousand two hundred and 00/100’ 
Step 2: Write the amount in numeric ‘1200.00’ in the ‘$’ sign box

Q3. How to write a $1200 check in numbers?

Write down the dollar amount in number – ‘1,200’
Put a decimal point “.”
Write the cent number “00.”
Final result – 1,200

Q4. How will I write 1200 dollars in the check?

Write ‘One thousand two hundred,’ then ‘and,’ followed by ‘00/100.’
So, finally, you get ‘One thousand two hundred and 00/100’. 

Q5. How can you write in words 1,200 dollars?

Put down $1,200 in words like these:
One thousand two hundred and 00/100.
One thousand two hundred dollars.
One thousand two hundred dollars and zero cents.

Bottom Line

If you have to write a check for $1200, spell it as ‘One thousand two hundred and xx/100. However, always follow the format mentioned above, the spellings and terms. We hope our step-by-step guide has offered you the confidence to write 1200 dollar check. Follow the correct order, and prevent any fraudulence.