How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template

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In the corporate world, meetings can never be planned in a jiffy. The person who is calling out the meeting has to sit down and develop an agenda so that the meeting runs out smoothly and no important point that had to be discussed is left out. You need to take care that the meeting turns to be perfect and is taken out in a systematic order. For all of this, you need a  meeting agenda Template.

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Now how will you do that? The simple answer is making an agenda for the meeting.  An agenda is a simple layout that consists of all the important points that need to be taken care of during the meeting. This agenda can be sent as a physical or digital copy to the members of the meeting before they appear for the meeting so that they come prepared. Here we have provided some Sample Meeting Agenda for you to refer.

Team Meeting Agenda Template

You can refer to the sample Formal Effective Meeting Agenda provided here to draft your own agenda for the upcoming meeting. The samples provided here are actual agendas of meetings which were planned and thought by someone to carry out an amazing meeting.

We have provided readers with printable agenda templates which can be easily downloaded in any of the formats as required. By following a proper process, make sure the agenda you write is sent to everyone in your team so that they know what to expect.

Meeting Agenda

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3

Sample Business Meeting Agenda Template

How are the agendas written? What are the important points one must remember before sending the agendas?

  1. Send the agenda to the members of the meeting in advance so that they could get a look at it and prepare themselves for the meeting.
  2. You must start with simple details instead of writing the full description of every task. Who and What’s of the meeting must be included here
  3. Before you begin with the agenda, write the goal of the meeting The objective must be written on top and not more than two sentences.
  4. Explain which task will be given how much time, according to their priority. This will ensure that little to no time will be wasted in the meeting.
  5. Keep the agenda precise, try to not exceed the 5 topic limit, unless the meeting is supposed to be a long one.
  6. Include the information about who is in charge of what. If you have attached any document to be read before the meeting, mention it in the agenda

Sample Meeting Agenda

Sample Board Meeting Agenda


Here is a simple agenda that is drafted for a meeting of 30 minutes

Objective – Project Sales Goals (year)


  1. Introduction (2 minutes)
  2. Review sales from the previous year (10 minutes)
  3. Review and discuss upcoming leads ( 5 minutes)
  4. Targeted goals (5 minutes)

* Please check the attached document for the last years report prior to the meeting

* Stephen will be taking notes

Leadership Meeting Agenda Template

Agendas are important because they increase team productivity, they are effective in establishing expectations on what needs to occur prior to the meeting, and during the meeting. Everyone can be on the same page when an agenda is set prior to the meeting. This also enables the team to address the key issues and give suggestions without any delay.

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3

Staff Meeting Agenda Template

What must be included in the agenda?

Agendas often include ~

  1. Information on topic, team members, attendees, planning process, and most importantly, the goal of the meeting
  2. Actions that need to be taken by each member before and during the meeting
  3. Topics that have to be discussed in the meeting, it may also include any research items that the staff has to do prior to attending the meeting
  4. Specific details must also be shared about the meeting, like who will be presenting, who will be taking notes, and who will be keeping time.

Staff meeting agenda

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3

Team Meeting Agenda Template

Writing Agendas ~

# Depending on the nature of the meeting, the agendas can be distributed in advance or shared at the start of the meeting. The goal needs to be established before the meeting even starts so that everyone is at the same page and there is no miscommunication.

# You can decide the length of the Agenda depending on the type of meeting. If it is a simple 30-minute meeting, there is no need to be sending a full-fledged agenda which looks like a booklet of 50-60 pages. Keep it simple, and an agenda on a single page is more enough to describe the objective of the meeting.  

# A clear agenda will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of any meeting because preparing an agenda prepares the whole team for the upcoming event. If you have no clear goals or are not prepared, the meeting will only turn out to be a waste of time.

# Be clear about the goal of the meeting. The objective of every topic that has to be covered in the meeting must be included in the agenda, the result will be clear when the agenda is clear.

# Getting the key players involved in the discussion and decision process is very important. Try to include everyone in the group, as the ones who will not be included might feel bypassed and will not be motivated properly. You may not realize it but the proper execution of your meeting can have a profound effect on your organization’s culture, and it all begins with a properly drafted agenda.

Team meeting agenda

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3

Sales Meeting Agenda

Do’s and Don’ts of an Agenda

Do’s ~

  • Plan and prepare ahead of time
  • The title for the Agenda is a must
  • All the necessary information as discussed above must be included
  • Follow the standard format
  • Make a clear and well-written agenda
  • Use the correct template

Don’ts ~

  • Distribute the agenda during the meeting
  • Not preparing prior to the meeting
  • Irrelevant and unnecessary information
  • Using unfamiliar terminology
  • Not including reference material
  • Unorganized and disordered agenda

Sales meeting Agenda

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3

Meeting Agenda Template Google Doc

To keep your meetings as official as they could be can be achieved by having an agenda prior to the meeting. If you are a regular user of your Google Drive, you can create you Template in Google Doc. Other team members could be included so that they could also add agenda items directly to the template to streamline the process.

After your Create your new doc, you must give it a name and then start writing your template. To learn what to include in a template, you can refer to the samples given in this post.

After you are done share this Document with the team members that are going to attend the meeting.

Business Meeting Agenda Template

A business meeting agenda has various guidelines to meet productivity of some meetings. With this agenda, the entire working group has to meet the responsibilities mentioned in the Agenda. The Business meeting agenda template includes some space for additional information, to include any specific task or conclusion of the Agenda.

employee meeting agenda

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3

IEP Meeting Agenda

IEP Meeting Agenda includes various important sections.

  • Introduction to the meeting
  • Parent’s rights
  • Assessment of present levels
  • Concerns of parents
  • Goals and Reviews
  • Observations regarding the goals, or any questions regarding the meeting
  • Accommodations and modifications
  • Behavior plan
  • Transition Plan
  • Request for Signature

Meeting Agenda Example

A meeting Agenda aims at providing an effective and well-organized discussion of issues, it includes the issues regarding the current and future situation of the business. An agenda must aim to include these element ~

  1. Invites to the team, a formal call to order is always necessary to be sent out before the meeting
  2. Meeting timings must be included in the agenda, including the timings assigned to each task
  3. Reports of finance or management, whichever is required in the meeting
  4. Matters arising in the business that need to be resolved



Meeting Agenda

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3


Simple Meeting Agenda

Here is a simple printable template of Agenda for meetings that can be used to send to your employees before the meeting

simple meeting agenda

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3

Effective Meeting Agenda

An effective meeting agenda is always important for an effective meeting to be held. Think of it this way – Have you ever had a meeting that you didn’t likes because it was too boring or was somewhat redundant? Was a Meeting Agenda sent before that meeting which had clear goal mentioned in it?

Well, if you do not know how to make an impressive Agenda, you must not fret, and use one of the templates provided.

Meeting Agenda Template

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3

Family Meeting Agenda

Family meetings are held to help families communicate better, bring everyone closer and have some fun together. When you have a family meeting held in you home, you must make sure to include these ~

  • What happened last week when mother was angry?
  • What’s the goal of this week?
  • Any old stuff that need to be discussed
  • New things that need to be planned
  • Money stuff
  • Your reviews
  • Questions or comments about anything that anyone want to talk about

Family meeting agenda

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3

Kick Off Meeting Agenda

Even if it is a small project, you want to start it right. However, you can’t have a worthwhile project kickoff meeting by just going there and blabbering about anything that comes in your mind. You must do the necessary planning first. A solid plan ensures that you will have all the points clear before your meeting.

Kick off Meeting Agenda Template

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3

Meeting Agenda Template Excel

Every single must have a goal, and obviously, an agenda is necessary for that.

For meeting goals, you can try the following examples ~

  • Review all the key points, status updates and any roadblocks for the project
  • Plan any campaign if required
  • If you have any strategy, you must point it out in the agenda for further discussion

How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 2How To Write A Meeting Agenda Template 3

Sample Board Meeting Agenda

A board meeting is a rare meeting where the board of directors has time to accomplish everything that it needs to. To ensure the maximum accuracy, efficiency, and productivity, board meeting agendas are drafted. An agenda for board meeting may include items for managing routine business and special projects.

Meeting agenda

Formal Meeting Agenda Template

A meeting agenda for formal meetings is established to keep an eye on the meeting so that the meeting could be held within the said time and in an orderly fashion. Getting a formal marketing agenda before any meeting helps the participants to plan ahead and come to the meeting prepared. This increases the worth of the meeting and improves efficiency.


genenral meeting agenda

How To Create A Meeting Agenda

A meeting agenda include the summary of the previous meeting ( if there was any) linked to the preceding meeting for a better focus on the topics. It also includes topics that are to be discussed in the meeting. Look at this sample ~

weekly meeting agenda

Sample Meeting Agenda Template

Here is a simple meeting agenda sample ~

Agenda – Sales and Marketing Weekly Sync

Date – January 7, 20XX, 9 AM

Place – Conference Room

Agenda –

Introduction: Review, Discuss agenda  items

  1. Quarterly sales and marketing review – Mr. Smith

  2. Discuss the plan for the holiday event, identify next steps – Ms. Mary

  3. Review action items

Sample Business Meeting Agenda

An effective meeting agenda is one which includes all the important points that need to be taken care of during the meeting. It must help everyone attending that business meeting to get on the same page, they all must know what needs to be done.


Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda

A kickoff meeting is a critical moment in a project, it provides an opportunity to establish common goals and purpose in completing the work. It provides your team members working on that project the basics of what they need to do, and what they can expect in the meeting.

meeting agenda format

Weekly Meeting Agenda Template

A meeting agenda needs a lot of effort as it has to include all the key points that need to be the focus of the meeting, and two structure it all in such a way that the order is maintained and the flow is maintained. The meeting must not be a boring get together between some employees, but a source of productivity and success.

These templates can be downloaded in any format and edited on your desktop computer to draft your own templates to be used for your next meeting.

Scrum Meeting Agenda

Every team has a daily scrum meeting to discuss the day’s to-dos and get a looaton the project’s development. They discuss the possibilities and set the context for the coming day’s work. Using scrum meeting agenda keeps this 15-minute discussion brisk but relevant.

The templates provided in this article are all free to use and you can download them in any format that you like. The person who is conducting the meeting must use the correct template according to the nature of the meeting, and if necessary, edit the template to include more information or key points.

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