How to convert fractions to decimals

Before we start the series of What and How to let us get to know what actually these fractions and decimal are. Fractions A fractional number is a numeric quantity that is not a whole number. It is a part of the whole number and is usually represented by two numbers separated by a horizontal …

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How To Convert Pdf To Word | For All Platforms


I usually face a problem while submitting some reports in my office – when I have already prepared the document in PDF Format but somehow the requirement was for a word document. Now the dilemma arises that if I copy paste the text in the document, the formatting is going to get destroyed, and if …

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How To Convert JPG To PDF | Windows/Android/Online

file extension

My biggest issue while downloading any file that my colleagues send is that they are literally very lazy and just copy-paste stuff on email. Text is fine, but what about reports? In the beginning, I used to ask them to send the PDF files again. But later on, after many unsuccessful attempts of making them …

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How To Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit | Students Guide To Science


When we study science, we often use the unit of the temperature In the Fahrenheit scale in America. But rest of the world (except two or three other countries), uses the Celsius scale. So, while we study some science books, we want to know How to Convert C To F. Do not worry I will …

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