How to Schedule Your Month with April 2020 Printable Calendar

For all the workaholics out there, we have provided you with the best and Free April Calendar 2020, to help you schedule your month in a better way. We all know how important it is to manage all the tasks that we have to do so that we don’t forget any at all. For this, everyone likes to keep a to-do list with them, to regularly keep a check in how much they have to do and how much is left.

April 2020 Calendar

And that is why we have provided the calendar templates for you to use whenever you have to schedule a task. You can use these templates as simple to-dos or a monthly planner, its completely your choice. The templates can act as both as they have the space required to do something like this. You can add the list of tasks that you need to complete in the upcoming month, with the dates they are due on, plus you can add other important points that you must know about regarding that work.

Calendar template April 2020

It is not a simple calendar template, it has the important sections that one requires to get their schedule to work. What you need to use them? Just take a printout of the template you like, and using a pen, start writing down all the tasks that you have to do in the upcoming month.

Let us talk about the month of April first.

As we know, April is the fourth month of the year. It has a length of 30 days and is the month of the autumn season in parts of Southern Hemisphere. In Northern Hemisphere, it is the season of spring in some parts. At that time, this month was the second month of the year as the year started with the march. When the Julian calendar was introduced, April was shifted to the fourth position to make room for two new months, January and February.

Free Calendar Template April 2020

April, the fourth month of the year according to Gregorian Calendar, had 30 days. The 30th days was added during the reform of the calendar undertaken by Julius Caesar. Before the Julian Calendar, all the month had 29 days, but then to balance the days, Julius Caesar added a day or two in every month so that the complete 365 days could be balanced.

Downloadable April 2020 Calendar

There are a few holidays that occur during this month

  • On 15th April, It is Patriot’s Day and it is a state holiday in Maine, Massachusetts
  • On 16th April, due to Emancipation Day, District of Columbia has  a state holiday
  • On 19th April, the occasion of Good Friday falls and it is a state holiday in various states of America.
  • On 20th April, a Jewish Holiday falls which is called Passover (first day)
  • On 21st April, San Jacinto Day is celebrated in Texas, and it is a state holiday on this day
  • On 22nd April, on the occasion of Confederate Memorial day, Alabama has a state holiday

Printable Calendar April 2020

Get April 2020 Calendar Printable Templates

For the convenience of users, various formats of templates for the calendar of April have been provided. All you have to do is choose the best one for you, select the format, and take a printout. The fun part? You don’t have to actually download the template to take the printout. You can easily take a printout directly from your browser. If you do not know how to download a template directly from the browser, we have provided the step by step guide for you along with the description of various formats.

Simple Calendar April 2020

Want to know why these templates are best for you? It is because they come with the following features

  • They are easy to download using any device, iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Desktop, and any other
  • They are print-friendly, so you can take a print out directly from the browser or you can first download them in your device and then take a print out
  • They are free of cost, you don’t have to pay for the templates, the only cost that you will have to face is the amount that is going to be spent on the ink and paper for print
  • These have ample amount of space, to record your daily activities, as well as all the shenanigans that you must have planned for the month
  • You don’t have to worry about the calendar getting lost, you can just print a new one
  • these are editable, so you can simply download them in your device and start editing the way you want.

Blank April Calendar 2020

April 2020 Calendar PDF

The first format we are going to talk about is the PDF format. These templates for calendar of April are available in PDF format so that you can easily view the templates in your device using Adobe reader or any other pdf viewer that you use. If you do not have a pdf viewer, you can install it from your app store.

2020 April Calendar download

The PDF format templates help you to refer to them whenever you want to see the dates or holidays. The templates for holiday calendar are also available.

April 2020 Calendar Word Doc.

Once you have downloaded a template in doc format, you have to use MS Office, Google docs, or any other word file viewer in your device. When you view them in your device, you will notice that they are editable, and this is the main motive of providing the word files to you. Yes, PDF and Excel files could also be edited, but editing a word file is super easy.

Blank April 2020 Template

Just open the file in one of the word viewers, and you are set to go.

April 2020 Calendar Excel

The calendar templates are also provided in excel format. You can download them in your computer and edit them in MS Excel sheets. You will not have to worry about making a sheet especially for monthly reports or office schedules, they are readily available for you to use.

Calendar April 2020 Free

Blank April Calendar 2020

The blank templates are provided for you to take a print out and start scheduling right away. Why are these templates better for scheduling? They have enough space to write down all the important engagements for the month plus the due dates and important notes about those tasks.

Why must we schedule if we know the dates and could set reminders in our phones? 

The main reason to make a schedule is that it is the best way to keep a handy record of the things that must be done in the given month. If you wish to keep the schedule in your pocket, you can do so, as these templates are designed to fit on one page. The templates on one page can be easily folded and kept in the pocket, purse, or the drawer of your desk.

These templates are also useful for keeping in your device. This is easier with the PDF and Word Format available on the site. You can download the calendar in one of the formats provided and start using it directly on the device that you donwload them on.

These blank templates may seem simple and plain, but in fact, they are very useful. You can do a lot with them. So why are you waiting? Start downloading and make a schedule for yourself now!

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