How To Write Personal Fax Cover Sheet – Complete Guide

If you want to send a legal document via fax, you must include a fax cover sheet with it, continue reading for Fax Cover Sheet format. The fax cover sheet usually contains the information about the documents enclosed within the fax and about the sender and receiver.

It includes

  • The name of the sender, the company or individual
  • The name of the recipient individual or company
  • Sender’s phone number, email address, Fax number, and other contact information
  • If the fax is urgent, it must include the word “Urgent” on it
  • Confidentiality statement
  • Sender’s signature

Here is a sample you can refer to while creating your own fax cover sheet:

Fax Cover Sheet format


You can try the templates to make it simpler to send a fax, as the templates are ready to use printable sheets which are pre-designed to suit for every users’ need. These templates come in all Fax Cover Sheet format, Word, PDF, etcetera. Users can edit them on their devices as well as take a printout and fill them by hand.

There are many types of fax cover sheets.

  1. There is Confidential Fax Cover Sheet which normally is sent to the receiver before the actual fax to tell them about the secrecy of the data in the fax. It might also include a password, that only the intended recipient and the sender knows.
  2. The Professional Fax Cover Sheet is used by those working in public or private firms. There are purely official, and no personal remarks could be added in the cover sheet.

If you need more samples for the fax cover sheets and want to learn how to write your own fax cover sheet, you can visit –

Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Use of Personal Fax Cover Sheet Template

Personal fax cover sheets are used when some personal fax message is being sent from one person to another, it is just like an informal fax cover sheet. It follows an informal tone and does not require many salutations etcetera.

You can write your own in Fax Cover Sheet PDF format. you just need to know what you have to include in the sheet, and whom it is intended to. You don’t need to add much designing in the fax cover sheet as the information included in it is more important.

You can refer to this sheet to build your own, or can just print this one to use.

Personal Fax Cover Sheet


Personal Fax Cover Sheet Format

If you are willing to add some personal touch in the sheets and want to add some color or design into it, you can use MS Word tool. You can create yourself a good, attractive and standard cover sheet to send to the recipient. Some companies also include their logo or branding as it gives a personal touch to it and also makes it easy to identify who the sender is.

You can easily create our own designer fax cover sheet word, and for that, you can refer to this designer fax cover sheet.

You can add your company’s logo or add a picture at the top or bottom of the page too. Some people also like to add the day and date of the fax in the header or footer area; you may try that too.

Hopefully, this post was informative enough for the users; if you have any more questions regarding the topic, you can post them in the comments. Suggestions are also welcomed.

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