How to Write a Fax Cover Sheet with Example and Sample

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Fax cover sheets are essential when you are sending a Fax to someone, for that Sample Fax Cover Sheet are provided here to help you out to build your own quality Fax Cover Sheets. These Fax cover sheets help ensure the sender that the fax gets to the correct destination, that is to the person it was meant for. the fax cover sheets bind the receiver into a legal contract that they cannot misuse the documents in the fax and must at all cost deliver the documents to the supposed person.

Writing the fax cover sheet is very simple. you can pre-format your own sheet in advance to use it whenever you are sending a Fax. All you need to do is to edit the information each time.

Here is a sample that you can refer to while making your own Fax Cover Sheet

Write a Fax Cover Sheet

Some steps that you can follow while writing your own Fax Cover Sheet

  1. Company Name, Logo, Address, contact numbers, Fax number, Email address of the company sending the Fax. Companies can use their letterheads fa or more personal touch. These are must to be included in a Fax cover sheet. If the sender is not a company but an individual, they can add their own stamps and information in the sheet.
  2. The same information, about the recipient as well. It must also be added that whether the documents are confidential or personal, or anyone can view them.
  3. Always include the number of pages of the document enclosed, to ensure that no page is lost.

There are many types of fax cover sheets.

  1. There is Personal Fax Cover Sheet which is used by individuals who are sending a fax to their friends or family. It could include details that only family members could understand.
  2. Then there is Confidential Fax Cover Sheet which normally is sent to the receiver before the actual fax to tell them about the secrecy of the data in the fax. It might also include a password, that only the intended recipient and the sender knows.
  3. The Professional Fax Cover Sheet is used by those working in public or private firms. There are purely official, and no personal remarks could be added in the cover sheet.

Downloadable Template of Fax Cover Sheet PDF and Fax Cover Sheet Word

Fax Cover Sheet PDF

Fax cover sheets can also be made in MS Word. They are helpful for those who are creating the document in Word and want to add the Fax Cover Sheet Google Docs before sending the original documents to the desired address

Here is a Fax Cover Sheet Format in Word that users can download and edit as required, printed and used whenever necessary.

Fax Cover Sheet PDF

Fax Cover Sheets are actually optional. But some companies still use them for confidentiality. They also use them to provide immediate identification on the fax. With this, the receiver can also get additional information about the sender, as sometimes the fax is from an unknown source and the fax cover sheet provide all the information about the sender.

These templates are completely free and can be used with all the types of Fax. You can always edit them and add more sections if you need. Comment down if you have any question regarding the subject.

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