How to Use USPS Forward Mail Service

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Packing for the holidays? Have you made a checklist before moving out? The checklist must include checking that you take all the useful items in your bag. It must also include switching off the lights, stove, and Airconditioner. What else? Your post? Yep! You must not forget to ask your neighbor to keep an eye on the mailman when he delivers your parcels to your house. If you are expecting a parcel that you must receive yourself, you can utilize the USPS forward mail service. This makes sure you get your parcels on time and wherever you are staying.

USPS Holidays

If you want to change your address for more than thirty days, you must know that the USPS holds your mail for only up to 30 days, that is why forwarding is the better option.

USPS: United States Postal Service is an independent Postal service which comes under the US Federal Government. This Postal Service is responsible for shipping all your packages in the US. They also provide delivery services internationally. Headquartered in Washington DC, this Postal service is one of the major services provided in the US.

Why must you forward your mail?

There could be a lot of reasons, the major one being that you do not want to lose your mails and parcels. There are several mails that are really important to us. We cannot afford to lose them, as they have importance in our daily lives. It is always the best idea to get your address changed with the service. This change of address usps will ensure that your letters, bills, and gifts will not be lost.

How To Forward Mail To Another Address

If you are leaving for more than 30 days, or have an important package on the way, you can redirect the path of delivery of all your mail by the forward mail service. For that, you just have to fill in the information of the temporary address that you will be residing on.

Step 1. On the homepage of, go to Track and Manage, and look for forwarding mail in Learn about section

Step 2. On the next page, click on the blue colored button which says “forward mail“.


Step 3. It will redirect you to the next page, fill up the USPS mail forwarding form, fill it and complete the procedure as directed on the website.

USPS forward mail

Step 4 Fill out your Name, Full Address along with the city, state, and zip code. Including a contact number is a compulsory field. Enter your current email in the indicated box.

Forward Mail USPS

Step 5 Once you will in all the information about you, scroll down. There is a questionnaire that you must fill for the effective mail forwarding USPS. The questions include “When we will forward your mail?” Enter the exact date by which you want the service to start and the date till which the service must continue.

Step 6 Enter the way by which you are going to pay, you have options of paying the usps change of address cost/charge – pay the full amount in one go or you can select the enrollment bill with a monthly bill.

Step 7 Fill out the complete USPS change of address form as directed on the website, and you are good to go.

USPS Hold Mail

If you do not wish to have your mail forwarded to the temporary address where you are residing, you can select Mail Hold Service. This service ensures that no delivery is done to your address, and all your mail will be held in the post office nearby your address. You will have to visit the office to get all your mail when your return.

There are three ways with which you can do so. 

  • You can visit the local post office branch in person and fill out the form by hand. You can also request for the mail forward service once you are in the post office.
  • If you have limited time, you can visit the website of USPS to fill out the form online. This will save your time and the deed will be done easily.
  • There are the US Postal Service Contact number 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777), which could be used to ask them to hold your mail until you return from your vacation.

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EndNote –

When going on a vacation, there might be a chance that you want to check whether your mail will be forwarded to you on time. For that, you can track your mail on US postal service tracking and be sure that you will get your parcels before you leave.

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