How To Start A Blog – Step By Step Tutorial

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The journey of all the bloggers starts with searching for the best blog on How To Write A Blog on search engines. It is good to be prepared, to know what you are getting into, and how you can be best at what you are going to do. In my opinion, doing research is always the best option, whether you are learning to write a blog, or you are actually writing the blog. In this article, I am going to be discussing various crucial methodologies that the top-rated content writers use to make their blogs High Quality and able to attract lots of traffic.

How To Write A Blog

What Is A Blog

Any information or discussion based website that is published on the World Wide Web for users to read, learn, discuss, and enjoy. There diary entry style web pages could be of any category, they could be educational, informative, collections, or How To guides. They are often displayed in chronological order so that the readers get to see the most recent posts first.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Before we begin, let me ask you a question. Why are you starting your blog? Is it because you want to share your knowledge and experience with others? Or is it to earn money?

Well, for me it was the latter. I am into blogging for a few months now, and to say that I am not earning much, would be a lie. With the increasing trend of everything going online, everyone is heading to the world of the internet.

If you look around, everyone is online now, even little kids who don’t even know how to write properly. And with the rise in the online community, the markets are also heading there. When you visit any Website, you always find an ad or two for some service or product. When you are watching a video on YouTube, you find various ads for services or channels.

With so much going on, how can you stand out? How can you make people recognize you? To know that you offer something better than others? The answer is High-Quality Content. The content on your blog must be better than others, unique, and must be easy to read.

Free Blog Writing Sites

To begin to Write A Blog, you must find yourself the right website building platform first, where you can write and publish your content which could be accessed by others. There are a ton of websites that provide you your own domain at a very minimal cost, and it is easy to sign up for them too.

Free Blog Writing Sites

If you are up for it, you can try these top 5 websites to start your online biz –

  1. WordPress (
  2. Wix (
  3. Medium (
  4. Ghost (
  5. Blogger (

You can use any of these, or any other website available which provide free hosting. If you are using the domain for free, you will get a limited number of pages, and limited resources. That is why it is a better long term strategy to pay a moderate amount for your domain. After that, you will have full control over the website, and you can modify it as you like.

Blog Writing Format

To make your content stand out, you will have to use the format used by all plus the spice of your own. Yes, the format of the content is almost similar, you all some headings, you add some subheadings, then there are lists and images, and so on. This is about everything that every blog contain.

Blog Writing Format

The format makes the content look appropriate, readable, and attracts lots of attention. But, if you keep on following the same style as others, you might not be able to stand out. To stand out, you will have to better are writing than others, you will have to write and format your blog posts that not only help to engage your readers but can also boost SEO of your website.

How can we do that? Let’s find out.

#1 Research your topic.

Write a blog

  • When you sit to write a blog, you already have a plan in mind. You know what you have to write about, and what content you will be including. But, you must keep in mind that you also have competitors, who will be writing about the same topic, and most probably will be having almost the same ideas as you.
  • That is why it is recommended to research as much as you can on the topic.
  • Look around the search engines like Google to check whether the same topic has been published by someone else, or whether the topic is outdated.

#2 Create an outline for the content before writing the actual content.

Blog Writing Format

  • Like any other project, creating an outline helps a lot. It establishes a ground or base around which you can create an organized picture of how your content should look like.
  • You can start by organizing your thoughts and ideas at a place, points that you would like to cover, all the supporting arguments, and the references.

#3 After you have made the first draft of your content, start building.  

Tips For Blog Writing

  • At this stage, you know what you are writing and what you are going to include in the blog.
  • Now all you have to do is write. Write what you think the readers will love to read, what they will get benefit from.

For example, if you are writing a humor blog, you must get giggles and fits from reading your content, not a straight face.

#4 Next stage is Polishing your blog.

  • Review it thoroughly.
  • Read from the third person perspective as critiquing is the best method to find your mistakes.
  • After you have completed the editing part, see what you can do with the design.
  • Make sure that the content looks presentable. It should have a flow while you read it.
  • Instead of using points and breaks often, start using bullet points.

#5 Finish off by publishing the blog so that it can be accessed by the public.

The visitors on your website must be able to read your blog, otherwise, all your work will be in vain.

Tips For Blog Writing

6 Tips That Will Make Your Blog More User-friendly And Will Help With Your Seo Score.

Once you have written the blog, you have to format it wisely. The whole process that we just discussed could be time-consuming, but the formatting part is not. There are a few steps that you will require to follow to make your content from good to best. This will not only make your content user-friendly but will also make it easy to digest.

Tips For Blog Writing

#1 Using Subheadings.

The one go-to that is best for all types of blogs – Using subheaders. The subheadings make any content more readable, and it gives the content the direction that it needs. Readers know what they must expect in the next section when you use heading tags. Use keyword-rich headings that will please both the readers and the search engine.

Use multiple sizes of the headings. You can use <h2> for main heading, <h3> for subheading, and  <h4> for main points in the lists.

#2 Use Bold Text

Another method to make your content look more presentable is to include bold texts to attract the attention of the readers. Similar to the headings, these bold texts must be keyword-rich so that you could get a boost in SEO.

Write a blog

#3 Use Relevant And Original Images

When you use an image that has been copied from another website, you must give proper credits to the creator. You do not want any lawsuits hanging on you. Either you could create your own images, or you can try the free image providers online.

#4 Keep Your Post In The Eye Range

The width of your post must not be more than 70-80 characters. Any more than that, you get a distracted reader, and that is not good for the conversions. If you are using a blog site like WordPress, you can choose a different layout to make your blog more user-friendly.

#5 Use Bullet Points And Lists

As I mentioned before, the content must not be redundant and a collection of poorly organized sentences. Instead, use bullet points and lists to make proper readable data.

Tips to write better blog

#6 Short Paragraphs, Better Readability

You must read various books and blogs to validate this theory. I know this because I have experienced myself. The long paragraphs make the content boring. Even though the material is good, and you understand what the author trying to say, but longer paragraphs are downright unappealing to readers.


You would get better with time and practice. Just start what you want to write, write with passion, and write for the community, the results will show. Don’t get discouraged if you do not attract a lot of traffic at the beginning, give it time, you will reach your goals.

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