How To Do Space Buns – Easy Steps for Long & Short Hair

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If you follow the lifestyles and the routines of celebrities, you must have noticed them rocking the space bun look. They look fabulous with space buns in curly hair, and we all want to copy that look, don’t we?

The Space buns became popular in the 90s, when everyone, from kids to elders, from celebrities to rock stars, was rocking them in their daily routines, and now with the new year, the trend came rushing back. The “Space Bun” look is quite famous because, first it is easy, and second, it is fun!! It gives you that funky yet classy look, that looks pretty on everyone.

How To Do Space Buns With Long Hair

Step 1 >> Brush Brush Brush!!

Step >> Twist Twist Twist!!!!

Sounds Crazy? Ha!

Here is how you can create those fabulous space buns with your long hair ~

Brush your hair with a good quality com, comb until your hair is smooth and free of any knots or tangles. Now part them into two, as you used to when you were a kid and you had to do those Pigtails.

How To Do Space Buns With Long Hair


Create two pigtails with your hair, you can make these pigtails high or low where you want your buns to be. Secure your pigtails with hair ties that match your hair color, as you don’t want them peeking out.


How To Do Space Buns Long Hair

If you want, you can tease these pigtails to give them some volume. If you have thin hair, teasing your hair will make them look dense and thick.

Do Space Buns Long Hair

Twist your first pigtail into a rope, as shown in the picture. Tighten it to make the buns looks awesome.

After you have done the twisting part, coil your hair around the base of the pigtail, and then tuck the end under the bun. Secure this bun with a hair tie of your choice or some hairpins.

Space Buns with Long Hair

Repeat these steps with your second pigtail and you will be done. If you want, you can loosen up a few strands here and here to give it a messy look, and then use some hairspray to make them stay where they are.

Space Buns

How To Do Space Buns With Short Hair 

If you have short hair, you can make space buns in short hair too.

You can use a mousse or texturizing spray to your hair.


Step 1. Apply texturizing spray and scrunch your hair gently

Step 2. Run your fingers through your hair combing out any tangles in them. You do not need to use a comb, because space buns look cooler with messy hair.

Step 3. Divide your hair into two sections and make two pigtails, tease your hair a little with a comb or just your fingers to bring out the volume in them.

Step 4. make two sections of your first pigtail, wrap one section round base of the pony and other in the opposite direction. Repeat this with your other pigtail.

Step 5. Secure both the buns with ties or hairpins, and use hairspray as required.

How To Make Double Bun Half Up Half Down 

You can create a half up half down style space buns by using the same steps as above but you use the upper half of your hair only, and leave the lower half open.

space buns half up half down

Pro Tip ~ Buy some good hair products like a good hair mousse, strong hairspray and hair ties that match your hair color. These will make your hair styling routing very much easier and fun.

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