Smart Ways To Sell On eBay And Earn Money | Is Selling On eBay Worth It?

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For those who are planning on expanding their business from their local area to the whole city or further, eBay is the best marketplace where they can sell their products conveniently and on the best price. They can opt to Sell on eBay their products which they make. Many sellers on eBay, like potters, artists, designers, and more, gain good value for their items when they list them on eBay. This is because as there are no middle-man or any auctioneers involved, the whole profit goes in the pockets of the manufacturer. If you are someone who would like to sell anything – old or new – you can learn How to Sell on eBay through this article and start selling items and boost your sales exponentially.

Smart Ways To Sell On eBay And Earn Money | Is Selling On eBay Worth It? 2

What is eBay?

A California based American Multinational corporation that is solely facilitating consumer-to-consumer sales through the website. The company was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. It is a great platform for businesses – large or small – to increase their sales and reach to their costumes without having to invest anything.

How To Sell On eBay Successfully

It is basically an online service where people buy or sell items or products from individual sellers or companies. A typical sale includes a seller displaying their item on the site, and potential buyers bidding for that specific item. The seller decides the minimum bid they are willing to accept, and when they are ready, the most common way of transferring money is by PayPal. After the payment has been made, the product is delivered to the buyer.

How to Make Money Selling On eBay

The site has a lot of categories for users to choose from – from antiques to merchandise, boats to toys, clothing and accessories, Computers and Jewelry, you name it – you get it. Any item you will click on will have a proper title, description, pictures, details, payment options, and shipping information. For those who know what they are looking for, eBay also includes the Search option, where you can enter the desired keyword and the relevant results will pop up.

The bidding on eBay is just like any other auction – accept here you don’t find any auctioneer or middle man. You directly bid on the items displayed by the seller, bid on it, and if your bid wins, you buy it. The bidders on eBay, once enter the bidding, enter a contractual agreement. They are bound to buy the item if they win. The seller has all the rights to remove the item from the listing if he/she finds that the bidding doesn’t reach the reserve price of the item. You can also find millions of other items that are listed on a fixed-price which you can buy like from any other shopping site.

Tip: For every item that is put on auction, there is a “Buy it Now” option for the buyers. If you really like the item and don’t want to lose it to someone else, you can directly buy it at the fixed price and end the auction then and there.

Does eBay allow selling of old items?

Many buyers complain about having received old items in their order, but they don’t realize this that sellers can list used items too as long as they mention that their item is used. Each listing includes a note which states the condition such as New, Used, Like New, etc. You can not list any item without indicating its conditions. And if the item is not as it is promised, eBay has some good guidelines about that.

This is why it is suggested users must always read the terms and conditions, and follow them too.

Is selling on eBay worth it?

Yes, it is. Selling on any local market or store is a lot of work. You have to invest money in the shop, you have to set up an inventory, pay for advertisements, and much more. But, to sell on eBay you do not have to do any of this. You simply need a device to access eBay and take photographs of your products, and a working internet connection.

Ready to sell your services and products on eBay?

How To Start An eBay Business Step By Step

Step #1 Step 1 would be to choose a relevant marketplace to sell your products. If you are a big brand or you would like to expand your sales globally, then you can use international and set up a payment method to USD, else you can use localized version to sell in your local area. Remember to set shipping method and shipping fees as well to make it easier to start selling.

Step #2 If you are selling for business, then you should set up a business account. You don’t need to do that if you there to sell your old sofa. While setting up your business account, choose a good brand name if you don’t have one already to get recognized. Also, don’t forget to include your details like contact numbers and email address. Get verified by completing a 5 minute ID verification process to sell hassle free.

Step #3 List your products in such a way that they are easier to be found and purchased than any of your competitors. Create a storefront if you have numerous goods to sell – to get a lot of business.

How To Sell On eBay For Beginners

How can you get people to find your products easily?

  1. Optimize your product titles by adding 1 to 3 relevant keywords that will help potential buyers to find the item. Try to add the details about the item in the title like model number, color, etc. For example, instead of “iPhone on Sale”, use – “Apple iPhone XS Smart Phone 512 GB, Space Grey”. For items which could be associated with festivals or seasons, you can edit their titles accordingly. For example – “Valentines Day Charm Bracelet Gold”
  2. Every field of the listing should be filled out. It is mandatory. Make sure you fill out correct information and enter as much detail as you can about the product in the description. Try to think like a buyer and what a buyer should know about the item.
  3. Style the text with headlines and bold the main keywords to grab the attention of potential buyers to make sure they get all the product specifications easily.
  4. Correct category listing should be chosen to list your product. You don’t want to put your iPhone in the clothing category.
  5. Images are the key to selling the product. Click your own pictures, and they should be of high quality so that the customer is able to see the item properly. Click pictures from different angles and different lighting conditions. Do not use images of the same product from someone else’s listing or Google images. the images must be original.
  6. Price should be reasonable. If you list a used item at the price of new, nobody is going to buy it. Similarly, when you list a product that you or your company made, you need to do a little research on the price. Mention the shipping cost separately like “Price + Shipping = total cost”
  7. Set which way you want to sell the item. You can select from the Fixed Price Model or Product Auction.

Tip: If you are running an auction, you must consider the best time to start and end the auction for each product. You will be getting better results and better profits.

What are you planning on selling?