How To Schedule Your Month With October 2019 Printable Calendar

This post is all about Free October Calendar 2019, how you can use them, how you can download them, and what their advantages. These free calendars are free to download, easy to print, and can be used as a monthly planner. Learn how to create your own monthly schedule to ease up on your work and have personal life along with it.

October is all about trees changing color, beautiful weather and Halloween! October, as we all know is the tenth month of the year and it has 31 days. The month was previously the eighth month during the Roman Era and hence was named October, Oct meaning eight in Roman. But with the introduction of Gregorian Calendar and the inclusion of January and February, the month was shifted to the tenth place, but it retained its name.

This month is popular among children and young, for it is the month of Halloween. Everyone likes to celebrate this festival with their friends and families, trick-or-treating everyone. This month also has Octoberfest, a beer festival that all the beer lovers are excited for.

Get October 2019 Calendar Printable Templates

All in all this month has various important events that you might not want to miss. And for that, we have provided you with various calendar templates to use as your scheduling tool. What we have for you are the various templates for October 2019 Calendar, in PNG, PDF, Word, and Excel Format. You can download them in your device and use them as you please.

Download 2019 October Calendar –

October 2019 Calendar

October 2019 Calendar Printable

October 2019 Printable Calendar

2019 October Blank Calendar

Blank October Calendar 2019

How to schedule your month with a blank calendar?

Scheduling might not seem necessary to many, but it is actually the best you can do to improve your work quality. Scheduling, when done properly makes every work seem easy and makes you complete all your tasks really fast.

A schedule is something that assembles all your important tasks at one place, where you can access them at any given point of time. When you build your own monthly calendar, there are a few things that must be included.

  • You must add all your important tasks in the template.
  • Remember to prioritize your work when you add them into your calendar.
  • Add the deadlines, the dates the tasks need to be completed at
  • Add bullet points, to add information and remarks

To implement a schedule in your life you must know the advantages of using a planner first.

Calendar Schedulers help us –

  • Be productive. As we include our commitments and appointments beforehand in the schedule, we know how to spend our time. In these ways, we stay on track and thus stay productive.
  • Prioritize. When we go with the day without setting rankings to our tasks, we tend to forget about the important tasks and just keep on doing the easy ones.
  • Stay on Task. When we set priorities to our work, we set a certain rule to follow while doing those daily tasks. That way, not only we do what is important first but also stay on that task until it is completed.
  • In remembering to take breaks. Some people tend to immerse themselves in the work so much that they forget to take breaks in between the tasks. That way, not only it affects their work, it also affects their health. The schedulers help us to stay on track and help us remember to take breaks.

Why must we use templates instead of creating our own planner in our smartphone of computers?

As you have seen we have provided various templates for Calendar of October 2019. Why is that the templates must be used instead of calendar applications of our smartphones?

Well, there could be many reasons, the biggest one being that the electronic devices tend to lose battery. And we don’t want that at some important point of the day we could not access the schedule just because our phone died on us.

So, using templates is always the best choice. These are easy to download, print-friendly, and could be kept anywhere to access anytime, anywhere. These templates are specially designed in such a way that they could be printed on a single sheet of paper. You get plenty of space to add all your tasks, and even get space to write notes.

Various formats for calendar Templates ~

As you can see, we have provided templates in various formats. These templates are available for download for everyone in png/jpg, Pdf, Word, and Excel format.

October 2019 Calendar PDF

The calendar for October 2019 is available in PDF format for you to be able to download in your device and take a printout. The templates in PDF format are helpful since they can be downloaded into your device as it is, and you can even keep the template in pdf format to be able to look at it as a normal calendar. 

2019 October Calendar Printable

The PDF format is for those who want a simple format which allows them to use the template without any editing. If you want you can convert the template from PDF format to other formats too.

October Calendar 2019

October 2019 Calendar Word Doc.

The download options for Calendar in word format is available for every template we have provided. These templates in word format are editable, and if you are someone who likes to edit their scheduler before printing them, then this format is for you.

October Calendar 2019 with Holidays

October 2019 Calendar Excel

For professionals who like to make the monthly schedules and to-dos for their staff and themselves can use this format. These are editable and can be edited directly in the excel spreadsheet. You can download the template in excel format and open in it MS Excel to edit and share the schedule with your team.

Printable October Templates

2019 October Holidays Calendar

Steps To download templates in various formats ~

Download templates in image format –

A. For Desktop Computers and Laptops

  1. First of all, you have to go to the template that you are interested in downloading
  2. After that, right click on the image
  3. From the list, select the option for “Save As” to save the image in your device
  4. Select the folder in which the calendar has to be downloaded, and then click on Save

Your template will be saved in the desired folder

October Calendar 2019 Editable

B. For Mobile and Tablet devices

  1. Similar as above, go o the template that you want to download
  2. Long press and hold the image
  3. From the list, select the option for downloading the image
  4. You download will start automatically

Find the image in your Mobile’s gallery

Download the templates in PDF format –

A. For computers and laptop devices

  1. Go to the template that has your interest
  2. Beneath it, you will find the PDF button, click on it
  3. Your file in pdf format will open in the new tab of your browser
  4. Click on the download button in the top- right corner of the tab

You download must start after you select the desired folder and then click on the save button.

October Editable Calendar 2019

B. For Mobile devices and Tablet devices

  1. Go to the image of the template you desire to download
  2. Below it, find the pdf download button
  3. Click on the button for pdf download

Your download will automatically download begin and your file will be saved in your phone’s memory

Download the templates in Word format

A. For Computers, Laptops, Mobile, and tablet devices.

  1. When you reach the image of the template that you want to download, find the word download button under it
  2. Click/ tap on the button

Your download will automatically start and you will be able to find the downloaded file in your mobile’s/computer’s memory.

Steps to maintain a monthly schedule, and what can we do to get most out of it?

  • Plan everything before writing things on your calendar template
  • List the major tasks before the less important ones
  • Mention the dates the tasks were assigned on, and the level of their importance
  • Once you have completed making the schedule, review it
  • Check the tasks that have been completed right after their completion
  • At the end of every week, go through the schedule again to see if you have missed any tasks, or if any new task has to be added into the calendar


To conclude, I would say that these calendar templates will definitely help you in long run. You will be able to get a sigh of relief every once in a while, knowing that you completed all your work with no problems. Now you can easily make commitments, and not forget them. These monthly calendar templates are very helpful, and surely will make your life easy at many levels.

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